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What to Do About Your Declining HGH Levels

What to Do About Your Declining HGH Levels

Reclaiming Your HGH

In the busy pace of life, it can be easy to ignore the little things going wrong with your body. That twinge of back pain when you get out of bed or the slight pudge developing around the middle might not be on your priority list just yet, since they aren’t extremely irritating or painful conditions. It may be easier to assume that these appearance changes or decreased energy levels are related to the stress from your job or your poor diet rather than face the reality that you are getting older. There aren’t many people who embrace aging and bodily decline with open arms, but yet there is a danger in ignoring it as well.

Figuring Out a Plan

One of the reasons people avoid talking about their age or deny the serious changes that are occurring deals with their inability to control what’s happening. There is no way to stop the clock, or so they think. It is true that science and medicine haven’t been able to prevent mortality, but there have been developments in treatments that reduce the impact aging can have on the body. Whether it’s a way to alter an individual’s appearance to hide the effects of aging or it’s a treatment that drastically reduces the body’s natural tendency to decline, you can look to science, medicine, and technology as a way to fight back against the effects of time on the body and mind. Unfortunately, many people don’t know all of these options available to them. The interest stops with beauty products that reduce fine lines or wrinkles or cosmetic surgeries that physically restore a more youthful or fit physique. The good news for those worried about their lack of energy, the buildup of belly fat, the reduced muscle mass, and the decline in libido is that there are products that can change all that.

Increasing HGH Levels

From infancy through early adulthood, the body relies on consistent production of the human growth hormone for bone and muscle development, as well as support for the development and growth of several bodily organs. The pituitary gland produces this hormone, as well as several others, but it starts to reduce how much HGH is produced generally by the time an individual turns 30. Once this happens, the body changes in ways that start off subtly but become more pronounced the longer the decline occurs. It could be a loss of libido, a slower metabolism, cognitive decline, low energy levels, and decreased bone and muscle mass. For those that want to counter these negative changes, a good place to start is restoring the body’s natural hormone production levels. Research has presented several ways for an individual to increase the amount of HGH in the body. The following information makes a comparison between two of the more well-known treatment plans: Sermorelin and HGH therapy.

The Basics of Sermorelin

As a peptide therapy, the benefits of Sermorelin are an answer to the decline caused by low HGH levels in the body. As a peptide compound, it is a chain of amino acids that improves the communication structure of cells in all areas of the body. Using either hormone-like properties or neurotransmission abilities, peptides have influence and control over how the body reacts to things like diet and exercise. Peptides can also be used to send signals to specific organs or functions of the body. Sermorelin is a peptide therapy that speaks directly to the pituitary gland to increase the amount HGH produced. While peptides have dozens of different uses, these compounds are more commonly used in anti-aging treatments, to improve sexual function, to reduce inflammation in the musculoskeletal systems, to assist with weight loss goals, and to build lean muscle. Generally speaking, peptides (and Sermorelin included) are known to provide the following benefits:

  • Increased lean muscle growth from the cellular level
  • Shorter recovery time post-workouts or injuries
  • Higher energy, stamina, and strength levels
  • Increased fat breakdown leading to reduced body fat
  • Enhanced muscle endurance and definition
  • Stronger immune system
  • Regulated hormones
  • Improved libido

The Benefits of Using Sermorelin

Knowing how important it is to keep your HGH levels up, you may consider using an HGH therapy. With many of these, you are given a dose of the hormone itself rather than allowing the body to make its own. While this can work, the results continue so long as the medication continues. HGH doses are also expensive and can create negative side effects when prolonged use occurs. Sermorelin lets the body do all the heavy lifting, relying on the peptide to simply send the message that HGH is needed. It is a much more cost-effective option, but it is considered by the medical community to a safer alternative as well. There are several things that Sermorelin can do for you to improve your quality of life.

  1. Healthy Weight. It can help you reach a healthy body weight. Though it needs to be used in conjunction with sufficient exercise, the compound helps the body burn through fat more efficiently. While many people normally lose muscle when dieting and exercising rigorously, Sermorelin helps the body target the fat cells within the muscle, leaving a lean muscle behind.
  2. Deep Sleep. The body produces HGH during the deep REM cycles of sleep. Poor sleeping habits and a lack of deep slumber can interrupt the production of HGH, but it also impacts mood, productivity, and weight management. This compound promotes a deep, healthy sleep cycle.
  3. Enhanced Results. Using Sermorelin can renew your energy levels to where you can endure longer, more rigorous workouts. However, Sermorelin also offers a measure of protection against prolonged injuries, improving how quickly you can recover from an injury such as a sprain or tear. When you combine increased stamina with minimal downtime from injury, your workout routines will have better results.

Though HGH therapy plans can have a similar effect, you should consider both the consistency of results and the impact of the plan on your quality of life. Negative side effects aren’t what you need or want, nor do you want your body dependent on a substance for normal functioning. HGH is known to have a negative impact on blood sugar levels in some individuals, increasing the risk of developing diabetes. Overuse of the compound has also been associated with an increased risk of bone and joint health. When the body becomes dependent on an administered form of HGH, the natural production from the pituitary gland decreases even further. Sermorelin provides a safe alternative without sacrificing on the results.

How To Use Sermorelin

Since it is regulated by the FDA, you can’t find Sermorelin at your local pharmacy. It is a special compound generally delivered through injections for maximum effect. Within a few weeks of use, you should start to notice some differences in your sleep patterns and energy levels. To see an effect on your muscle mass and fat content, you will need to use the product for several months. Your dosage and length of treatment will be regulated by a physician, so you aren’t making this leap into a peptide therapy on your own. Sermorelin could be the answer to your concerns about aging, whether you have stopped and thought about it or not.

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