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The Millennial Climb Over the Hill

The Millennial Climb Over the Hill

If you were a 90s kid, you remember rocking out to the Backstreet Boys or shaking your hips to the Spice Girls. You may have sported a mullet, or at the very least, attempted to look athletic in a pair of in-line skates. The decade of fun and fashion might have passed, but some of the health warnings that gained notoriety during those years are still floating around today. For instance, warnings about vaccinations and a correlation to autism have many Millennial and Gen Z parents questioning pediatric immunizations, just as more awareness for the chemical components of shampoos, cleaning products, and processed foods have influenced a push for organic lifestyles and dietary habits. These are positive changes facing the future for Millennials, but some things aren’t so positive.

Hitting the Big 3-0

Aging isn’t something those under 30 tend to think much about. After all, this is the time to get settled into a career, find your soulmate, and start a family. However, if you aren’t careful, those killer dance moves from the late 90s might throw out a hip when you try to break it down on the dance floor. As you enter your thirties (the point in time which happens right about now), your body starts to slow down. Not in obvious ways, but subtle changes in the production of human growth hormone (HGH) will start to diminish your energy levels, reduce your muscle mass, impact your libido, and decrease your body’s healing potential. Because these changes are looming, you shouldn’t wait until you are post-forty to start an anti-aging protocol. Just like you attacked the tricks of the Yomega Yo-Yo back in the day, here are several things you can do to help you enter your prime in the best health possible.

Taking Care of Business

Though it doesn’t seem like your career would have much to do with your health, statistics are showing that a loss of a job, dead-end positions, and dissatisfaction in your career field can lead to depression and frustration. In turn, these emotional challenges could lead to mental health issues of not taken care of. Physically, poor job satisfaction or the financial stresses that accompany a loss of employment bring about stress and fatigue. Both of these are synonymous with early-aging. To take care of yourself in the coming years, start by working towards the career or employment you desire. Get the education you need or apply for a training course that develops a skillset in high demand.

Taking Your Diet Seriously

Long gone are the days where you can open up a pack of Dunkaroos or a Fruit Roll-Up and feel guilt-free after your indulgence. Though most of the snacks from the 90s can still be found on shelves around the country, the effects on your health and your waistline will probably last a lot longer than thirty years. At this age, you will become what you eat. Things like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure loom on the horizon if you let your diet get out of control. Fortunately, the shift in American understanding of clean and healthy has many people pursuing organic diets full of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. As your body’s production of HGH slows down, it makes harder to lose weight and get rid of stubborn belly fat. You need to be more careful about what you eat if you want to stave off the symptoms of old age.

Taking Advantage of Science and Technology

The 90s brought the age of the Internet, and though many were apprehensive about new tech, the world has been revolutionized by the developments in science and technology. Though your current use of tech might be smartphones, Smart TVs, Bluetooth headphones, and work-related accessories, there are some great products on the market that work to address your aging concerns. In the realm of science, peptide therapy has been used to restore the production of HGH and target some of the symptoms of aging that appear around the age of 30. In the area of technology, the Internet of Things has made wearable fitness trackers an option to explore for keeping on top of your activity levels and weight goals. Growing up in the digital age makes you the perfect candidate to take advantage of what it offers.

The Pre-aging Assessment

The 90s doesn’t seem too far in the past, but your body might be telling you a different story. Though plaids, ripped jeans, and Birkenstocks still look good on you, your step might have lost a little pep in the last few years. Aging is going to start creeping up on you, just the like fashion cycle, and you need to get your game plan ready.


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