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The DIY Approach to Looking Younger

The DIY Approach to Looking Younger

For those afraid of aging, there is a multi-billion dollar industry ready and waiting to sell you some serums, creams, and cosmetic surgery packages. Though this should be considered comforting, since you aren’t alone in the battle to look and feel young, many people don’t have the time and resources to invest in all the different areas of their body that need attention. Aging doesn’t just affect a person’s looks. It reduces a person’s ability to burn through fat, and it decreases libido. Aging causes muscle and bone loss, and it drains energy. There are just as many devastating internal effects during the aging process as the external changes you see when you look in the mirror.

Changing the Narrative

So many people look to celebrities and other important people for their inspiration on how to live life. This is true about decisions that include what dieting plan to follow, what car to buy, what makeup to apply, and what clothes to wear. People also look to the rich and famous for how to address the symptoms of aging, yet many don’t the same resources available to them. Cosmetic surgeries, private chefs, professional makeup artists, and personal trainers are often out of the question to help with how the average person looks and feels. You don’t need to let a celebrity dictate the path or protocol for feeling younger, and you certainly shouldn’t look down upon yourself for your appearance. You can take matters into your own hands, as the following tips can be done at home to promote feelings of youthfulness and vitality.

Turn to the Professionals

While you may think that calling in professional help is mimicking the habits and trends of the superstars, there is something to be said about starting off on the right foot when adopting an anti-aging protocol. If you want to start working on the root problems of aging, you can use HGH therapy to address the reduced production of growth hormones. Once you reach your 20s, your body stops producing as much HGH as your body needs to maintain optimum health, energy, and tone. Restoring the balance in production helps reduce aging symptoms.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep gives you more than just the energy you need to get through the next day. Sleep helps different areas of your body feel rested, including abilities in concentration, attention, and memory. Loss of cognitive functioning is often associated with aging, but adequate sleep optimizes brain functioning. However, not enough sleep also impacts your completion. Dull eyes with dark circles or rings can make you look much older than you are, so giving your body the time-out it needs improves your appearance. Sleep gives the cells time to repair and purge toxins from the skin that have built up throughout the day.

Eat Restorative Foods

Your diet is always important, but it heavily impacts how your body handles the aging process. In addition to helping you feel good, healthy food choices fight off diseases, chronic pains, and fatigue. When your body’s organs, systems, tissues, and cells are healthy and strong, your appearance becomes vibrant and rosy. Some of the foods that help revitalize your body include colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein and omega-3 filled products, and calcium-rich foods. A poor diet, such as one filled with refined sugar and processed foods can create dull skin and brittle hair, but it could also lead to obesity and fatty build-ups. An aging body has a harder time losing weight and staying in shape, so changing your diet is a way to help yourself look younger as time goes on.

Take on New Activities

One of the fastest ways to start acting older is to become sedentary and avoid activity. While an exercise program will strengthen your muscle tone and minimize loss in this area, not getting enough of social activities can create an aged look. When you stay in isolation or lack the energy to get off the couch and get out, your appearance starts to show premature signs of aging. Your diet may be impacted by your lack of activity, as you reach for fast food or sweet snacks in your efforts to avoid getting out to the store or meeting up with friends. Not getting in enough rigorous physical activity also changes your strength, your flexibility, and even your balance. Drooping muscles and frail bones are signs of aging that can have an outward effect on appearance.


While you could spend thousands on the celebrity-approved cosmetic routines or personal trainers, you can look and feel younger with these simple tips. Don’t wait until you look in the mirror and regret what you say. Make these changes now.


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