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Preserving Your Looks Through 4 Key Vitamins

Preserving Your Looks Through 4 Key Vitamins

There are two ways you can face the aging journey. You can sit back and let time have its way or you can proactively choose to fight aging and enjoy your later years of life. The fight against aging has been going on for years, with endless searches for the fountain of youth, routine applications of topical creams, scheduled injections of Botox, and diets full of interesting elements. While research has still been unable to achieve immortality, there have been many improvements in the area of longevity.

Modern Medicine

Over the years, research and development efforts have given individuals access to improved looks and health despite their age. Medications have been able to target cancers and diseases that weaken the body and reduce longevity, but they have also been able to target areas of body aging through medications like peptides. When following an anti-aging protocol like HGH therapy, tiny chains of amino acids are injected into the body and directed toward the increased production of the body’s growth hormone. As the production of this hormone decreases with age, the body experiences changes in muscle mass, bone strength, energy, libido, and fat build-up. By restoring production to optimum levels, and HGH therapy plan can help improve the body’s ability to withstand the negative symptoms of aging.

Organic Options

In addition to using peptides to improve your aging journey, you can use diet and nutrition to help improve your looks and interior health as you age. While using supplements can be a great way to make sure you have enough of these important vitamins in your diet, research indicates that ingesting them in their natural form can be the most beneficial. The key to making the most of organic efforts against aging is through dieting changes that start now. You shouldn’t wait until you are past forty to start changing the way you eat. Your meal plans should be full of fruits, vegetables, and anti-oxidants if you want to succeed in reducing the effects of aging.

Vitamin A

Retinol is currently found in anti-wrinkle treatments marketed by cosmetics all around the world, and surprisingly, retinol is a form of vitamin A. The inside operations of cells rely on Vitamin A for receptor functions, and it also helps reduce the breakdown of collagen. This element is critical for helping your skin maintain and elastic and youthful appearance. Keeping vitamin A in your diet is also important for building a strong immune system, with healthy skin and eyes. Retinol creams are often applied topically because of the anti-aging properties it has to reduce wrinkles and skin conditions.

Vitamin C

The need for the inclusion of citrus fruits and other foods containing vitamin C comes from the increased reliance on the collagen production for repeating skin conditions and maintaining strength in your teeth and bones. The body also relies on vitamin C to help protect the skin from sun damage, which can result in wrinkles and lines. Reducing the vitamin C levels in your body can really impact the way your skin will age.

Vitamin D

As you age, you need to think about the different areas of the body that will be affected by the change. Although the exterior areas of your body show the more noticeable signs of age, the interior parts of the body need attention as well. Bone health is important, with bone loss affecting women and increasing their potential for falls and breaks. In addition to an increased need for calcium, your body will also need vitamin D to help process and make your calcium intake effective. One of the reasons your face may start to look saggy is a loss of bone. If you can keep your bone health strong, the more you can improve your youthful looks. Too much sun can cause skin cancers and other skin conditions, so consider foods like fatty fish, egg yolks, and some dairy products to improve your intake of vitamin D. If you are using the sun for your vitamin D supply, use a sunscreen of SPF 8 or higher to block harmful UV from your skin.

Vitamin K

You can improve your collagen production by increasing your vitamin K through more leafy green consumption. As you age, your skin will bruise more easily and you may have deformed vein appearances. Your body will need vitamin K to keep your skin thick and resistant to easy bruising.

You don’t have to wait until you age to start working against the time clock of life. By improving your diet now and filling it with essential vitamins and minerals, you can help give your body a better chance at remaining youthful.


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