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How to Reduce Wrinkles in Old Age

How to Reduce Wrinkles in Old Age

With age comes wisdom, knowledge, and a renewed sense of confidence. Unfortunately, it can also come with a few unwanted side effects. Fortunately, these badges of wisdom are easier to prevent than they are to conceal.

Read on to learn more about how to reduce wrinkles. We'll share out top tips for reducing the signs of aging and help you prevent future damage from wreaking havoc on your face.

How to Reduce Wrinkles

Thanks to new advances in science, wrinkle reduction methods can offer you a chance to turn back the clock.

As it turns out, beauty rest isn't just an old wives tale. Studies show that getting an adequate amount of rest helps your body produce Human Growth Hormone. HGH is responsible for regenerating your skin and allowing it to retain its thick elastic quality.

If you've been cutting corners on sleep for decades, consider supplementing your body's natural HGH. This can help you reverse many of the tell-tale signs associated with aging.

Eat clean. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are another great way to slow the aging process. Frozen or canned vegetables are a better alternative when compared to junk food, however, overcooked vegetables lack many of the enzymes responsible for promoting regeneration.

Don't smoke. While it may seem to be common knowledge now, smoking promotes the creation of free-radicals and premature aging. Another reason to kick the habit? It's expensive.

If you're looking for an added reason to kick the habit, consider putting what you would've spent on cigarettes in a 'beauty fund'. You'll be on your way to repairing the damage you caused with advancements designed to help you address additional issues you may be experiencing.

How to Prevent Additional Signs of Aging

Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. While a tan may make you feel your best, each trip to the pool is diminishing your skin's youth. Damage caused by UV rays causes the skin to prematurely age, giving your skin a look far beyond its years.

Sunblock should be worn every day, so find a non-greasy brand that you can apply to your face, neck, and hands daily. If there's ever an exception for not wearing SPF, do it only on days where you know you'll be taking an important photo.

Sunblock can cause a white reflecting sheen in photographs, so if you're headed in for a family portrait, wait until after to apply.

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While preventing all signs of aging is nearly impossible, it's important to practice as much acceptance as you do skin care. Now that you know how to reduce wrinkles, it's time to realize just how much your face is loved by the people who know it best.

While we are often guilty of fixating on our own flaws, knowing that each fine line is a unique marker of the time you've spent making memories with the ones you love can offer you the reassurance necessary for acceptance.

The face you have has smiled, cried, and offered encouragement to the ones you love. Try looking in the mirror and giving yourself the same feelings you've given others. You'll realize how much joy your face has given others over the years.

For more anti-aging resources, visit our blog or schedule a consultation with our experienced staff. We're here to help you love the way you look.


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