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How to Not Look Like Newbie Weightlifter

How to Not Look Like Newbie Weightlifter

One of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can engage in is lifting weights. The benefits of such an activity include reducing your risk of cancer, burning fat, developing lean muscle mass, increasing your bone density, and decreasing anxiety and stress. If you are interested in lifting weights for better health, don’t look at bodybuilders and powerlifters for your inspiration. Although you can achieve that same look one day, you need to start small and work your way up to the big stuff. In fact, in your haste to turn into a well-chiseled, enviable physique, you will probably make some of the most basic mistakes in the book. Here’s your guide to not looking like a newbie when you hit the gym.

1. Ask for Help

You want to learn from someone who knows what they are doing when you head to the gym or develop a routine for at home. A personal trainer may be the most effective way to tailor a program to your health and abilities. In today’s digitally connected world, you can find trainers and coaches online that will offer advice or insights virtually. You need an expert to set you up with an appropriate program, to tell you how to lift properly, and to teach you what machines or equipment are helpful for the different muscle groups.  When beginners go off on their own, they usually forget to work on certain areas of the body, increasing their risk of injury.

2. Start Slowly

Your excitement and energy level may have you in the gym at 5 a.m. with a plan to stay until time for work, but being too aggressive too soon only leads to negative results and injury. Your muscles won’t be used to the rigor you are about to put them through, making them sore. Veterans experience soreness too, but if you continue to push your muscles past a health limit, the pain will be intense. Your body needs to acclimate, and this will take some time. Start slowly for the first few weeks, and follow the advice of your trainer. You can help speed up your results through Sermorelin, but you should only work with a licensed physician for a quality injection prescription. The Sermorelin bodybuilding dosage varies by individual and taking too much won’t be effective. When prescribed correctly, your weightlifting plan will show the results.

3. Pay Attention to Technique

Starting too quickly is problematic because it doesn’t give you the time to learn the right lifting techniques. Though you may be starting out with lighter weights and feel comfortable with your stance, you need to start out with correct posture and movement if you are going to have a foundation in place for when the weights get heavier. You don’t want to start off with bad habits. Poor lifting techniques impact your performance and your progress, but they also create opportunities for injury or damage. You may notice that your flexibility and mobility declines over time. This could be from a poor lifting posture and process.

4. Focus on Compound Movements

In addition to these other rookie mistakes, newbie weightlifters tend to focus on the wrong exercises. They decide to spend their time on isolated movements rather than making their routine about compound movements. Compounds are more important because of the simultaneous use your joints get. A barbell squat is one type of compound movement since it uses the joints found in both the knees and the hips. It also takes care of the muscles in your shoulders, core, glutes, and legs. To get the most out of building muscle and burning fat, compound movements are the way to go.

5. Watch Your Nutrition

With all of the extra effort you will be demanding from your body, you need to look at food at fuel. If you ignore your nutritional needs, your weight lighting program isn’t going to be effective. If you feed your body junk, you won’t the energy and nutritional basis to support your routine. You can’t fill up on junk food and expect great returns in the gym.  Your muscles will get bigger, but they are going to be lean and trim. You will be filling them up with fat. Eat too little and your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs to perform or the calories to grow, heal, and become stronger. Talking to a trainer will give the best advice as far as a diet is concerned, but Sermorelin also helps in this area. It reduces fat accumulation, letting the body take what it needs for muscle development instead.

Once you get into the gym, you will find there is a sort-of club you join when you enter the weightlifting scene. Whether it's for better health or you are going to do some serious bodybuilding, you don’t want to get in there and act like a newbie. Give yourself a little respect and avoid the pitfalls of weightlifting beginners.

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