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How the Internet Can Support the Aging Process

How the Internet Can Support the Aging Process

Watching an older person trying to manage a smartphone is a unique, and somewhat comical, experience. However, the digitizes world that they call home, is a far cry from where things were twenty or thirty years ago. In a way, they are strangers to society. In a way, the baby boomers are cast off from society, as the tech and trends have catered to what the millennials are seeking for their life. While Generation X is still around, they too are getting left behind in the software and device demands of the younger demographics, although Gen X’ers have a better track record of adapting to the changes going on in society.

The Reality of Connectivity

Even though many older Americans have embraced the devices and tools that technology has made so integral to daily living, the research shows that these Gen X’ers and the remaining Baby Boomers are often the most susceptible to misinformation and hyper sensationalized data or stories via Internet searching and their online habits. Seniors are often targeted and exploited because of their online vulnerabilities. Very soon, people 65 and older will be the largest age group within the United States, and rather than letting these individuals find their own way through the final years, technology can be a leap forward when digital literacy is achieved. Think of all the things that digital literacy can do for an aging population.

Health and Mobility

There are many reasons why the aging population should be encouraged in their understanding of the internet and mobile devices. One of the prime reasons is the health and mobility of the individual. As people age, their health needs might require medications or appointments that need to be tracked and remembered. Consider the HGH anti-aging protocol. Scheduled injections of peptides bring restorative elements to an individual’s health, but many local practitioners or pharmacies may be unaware of the benefits of the therapy. Using the internet provides individuals who want to improve their lives and conditions an outlet for reaching beyond their primary care physician. They can educate themselves about the breakthroughs in medical research and science that can improve their condition. This can bring them a better quality of life, and help them enjoy their journey through aging. It also allows these individuals to order medications or supplements online at rates that are potentially more affordable than their local pharmacy.

There are also many apps and programs that can help monitor and control health conditions, like diabetes or an individual’s blood pressure. There are apps for exercise, dieting, and managing stress. There are medication reminders that present the users with the right dose at the right time. It can also remind them when it is time to get a refill. WebMD has an app that allows people to research symptoms of things they may be experiencing, helping them know when they need to seek medical attention.

Emotional Well-being

There are those who find the aging journey lonely, or they assume that they will be left alone to grow old. Internet connectivity and mobile devices bring individuals into contact with their friends and family, even when they may be unable to physically travel or have limited abilities.

Reports are showing that 78% of the people between the ages of 65-74 are using the internet, with more reaching out to use a tablet or mobile phone. One report found that 41% of people over the age of 75 have a social media account. This lets people feel connected and included in the lives of their children, grandchildren, friends, or family even when separated by distance. This sense of attachment and inclusion can help reduce feelings of depression and isolation, which improves their mental health. This can ultimately improve their cognitive ability.

Nutrition and Essentials

For some of the aging population, it is difficult to do grocery shopping and meal prep that offers the necessary nutrients their body’s need. There are apps and online retailers that offer grocery services, but there are also many door delivery services from local restaurants. Someone who is unable to get out to the store for health reasons or time constraints can order a healthy meal from a restaurant in town, or they can order their groceries and simply drive to the store and have them loaded into their car. This is one way to improve access to quality meals and nutrition, helping support their overall health and well-being.

There are many older people who are intimidated by the technology they see around them and the devices their family members always seem to be on. Without some guidance on how to use a smartphone, tablet, or how to safely navigate the Web, it is easy to see why so many older folks are falling victim to scammers and hackers. However, when used properly, technology and internet connectivity can be of the biggest assets to an aging population.


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