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How Old Are You? How Looking Younger Can Make You Feel Younger

How Old Are You? How Looking Younger Can Make You Feel Younger

Have you ever been told that you are only as young as you feel? It has always sounded cliché and cheesy, but there is scientific evidence that our chronological age is irrelevant for most people. When compared to your subjective age, it becomes a matter of how old you feel and not just how old you want to be. With each birthday, friends patronize your dozens of candles with a casual “ age is just a number,” but little do they realize the truth they speak. This new approach to aging is multidimensional. It takes into account how old you feel, what your biological age displays through your looks and health, your intellectual age as evidenced through actions and activities, and your societal age which reveals how you act and what you do. However, to get your time-clock ticking backward on all these front, the secret to success may be something as simple as looking younger.

Defying Ageism

There is something to be said about the natural tendency for human beings to want to avoid their age. Unless you are 17 begging for time to pass until your next birthday or you are on the eve of turning 21, most people would rather put off admitting that time is passing. In spite of the 40th birthday being a momentous occasion, there is little comfort in the fact that it is celebrated with black balloons, coffins, tombstones, and anything else that might seem to indicate mortality. In fact, the cosmetic industry realizes this need to be younger or avoid the reality of the number, and between the creams, lotions, Botox, and serums, it has amassed a $300 billion aging-avoidance market. Though there is a cultural push to look and feel your best, the anti-aging protocols on the market are more than doing you a favor. They aren’t just improving your social acceptance; they could be saving your life.

The Power of Life and Death

Did you realize that by addressing your looks and preventing aging symptoms, you can improve your quality of life? Though a peptide therapy isn’t a medical plan for evading death, it is a protocol that improves your body’s energy levels, holds on to both bone and muscle mass restores your libido, and encourages your body to maintain a healthy weight through fat-burning functions. As your body begins to age, it produces less human growth hormone (HGH), the hormone responsible for these areas mentioned. This can lead to the symptoms of aging that interfere with your looks, your social life, and your activity levels. Fortunately, peptide therapy works to target the production of HGH and restore optimum levels for your body’s health. In addition to relying on medical resources, you have control over your dietary and lifestyle habits. Smoking and substance abuse lead to premature signs of aging, as does a diet full of fats, sugars, and processed foods. Choosing to feel good about yourself, both with how you look and how you feel, requires decision-making that will benefit your overall health.

The Total Package

The physical alterations improve your mental perception of self and your age, and as researchers at Florida State University found, feeling younger develops agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness in people. When people feel younger, they improve their health by reducing their risk of diabetes, hypertension, and depression. The boost in self-confidence translates into newfound confidence to engage in more activities or fitness plans, strengthening other areas in the body. However, individuals that have addressed their looks also display more interest in social activities, a choice that benefits their mental and cognitive health. Brain health has become a new area of interest in the quest to resolve aging. Back in 2018, a research study seemed to confirm the link between feeling younger and the disconnect between biological age. In a study published by the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience,  MRI brain scans showed that the elderly people who felt younger than their actual age displayed fewer signs of brain aging compared to the results of scans from elderly participants that claimed to feel their age or older than their age. By looking younger, you are able to alter your instinctive thoughts on your numerical age and how you feel. By presenting yourself in a positive light, your natural reactions will be to act accordingly.

Subjective aging is arguably the best way to approach your next birthday. In reality, the number of candles on your cake represents how many years you have been alive, but it doesn’t represent your life. Let your looks and your lifestyle will speak volumes about who you are, rather than the DOB on your license.


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