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Feeding Your Attack on Aging

Feeding Your Attack on Aging

The process of aging gracefully and keeping your youthful looks is a lot harder than Cindy Crawford makes it look. While there are products and serums that can help take away the wrinkles, changes in skin tone and texture aren’t the only places that are affected by aging. Many people look at the outward appearance of an individual and assume they are advanced in years, but the inside of the body begins to experience aging long before your hair turns gray or the skin under your arm starts to sag. The best way to address what happens to the outside of the body during the aging process is by looking at what you are putting in to proactively address areas of concern.  The right foods, consistently fed to your body, will develop nourishment that can feed your brain and body for years to come. Here are the top foods you should be including in your diet.

1. Sesame Seeds. To start preparing for the changes in bone structure, increase your intake of sesame seeds. These are packed with fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, making them essential for bone strength.

2. Nuts. When talking about fighting aging, nuts are a superfood that is often underestimated. As long as you consume them regularity, they can boost your vitamin intake in areas of protein, phytosterols, and fiber that reduces cholesterol. Its most effective when you can consume about two ounces of mixed nuts a day, but be sure to have a variety of pecans, cashews, almonds, and pistachios.

3. Dark Chocolate. You don’t have to feel so guilty about sneaking a dark Hershey kiss anymore. Studies are increasingly showing the benefits of moderate consumption of dark chocolate in different areas of the body. Both dark chocolate and cocoa contain polyphenols, which help signals certain pathways in the body to release anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to improve your skin and body health. The polyphenols in cocoa also encourage the body to release nitric oxide, which is crucial in promoting heart health. If you want to take advantage of this food group, so to speak, make sure you are picking out a chocolate bar that has a higher percentage of cocoa.

4. Blueberries. The berry family is known for the hearty supply of antioxidants they contain, but blueberries are some of the most potent in the group. Research shows that there are a variety of phytochemicals in blueberries that help limit the development and potential severity of certain vascular diseases and some cancers. Included in these categories are some of the neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging. Blueberries can’t completely prevent strokes from occurring, but there is the potential that the severity of the damage and condition can be lessened through increased daily consumption.

5. Acai Berries. Improving your cellular health is important in the fight against aging. Free cell radicals can destroy the ability of cells to do their job, which can be a variety of tasks that deal with tissue growth, organ activities, and providing immunity. Acai berries contain extremely high levels of antioxidants, which helps fight against free radicals. The pulp has also been known to support healthy skin development. Increased acai intake has also been shown to support higher and more regulated HGH production levels, which is a hormone that is often a part of anti-aging Although HGH protocols often use peptide therapy to promote growth hormone production, there are foods that can help your body naturally promote higher levels that address things like muscle mass, low energy, bone strength, and reduces fat build-up.

6. Pineapple. Fresh pineapple has been shown to have remarkable effects when used to safeguard the skin from aging symptoms. According to a study released through the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal, pineapple has very high amounts of magnesium, fiber, testosterone, vitamin B, and vitamin C. When used together, they support brain and heart health, as well as the immune system and functions of the lungs and colon.

7. Limes and Lemons. Pineapples aren’t the only the superfruit that you should be adding to your diet. Lemons and limes are rich in Vitamin C, and increasing your intake of this nutrient has been shown to improve the appearance of dull skin and wrinkles in middle-aged women. One of the best ways to improve your consumption without a lot of expense or effort is by adding a few slices of both fruits to your water bottle or your evening meal.


These are just a couple of the foods that you can easily sneak into your diet if you want to attack aging long before you notice the first gray hair. It is better to go on the offensive with aging than to spend your time defending against it.


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