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Exercise and Aging: An Age-Old Solution

Exercise and Aging: An Age-Old Solution

As research continues to look at the greatest threats to physical well-being, the subject of aging continues to appear on the list. When compared to disease and cancer, you might not consider the natural body process of growing older as in the same league of incurable conditions that wreak havoc on the body but think again. Currently, there is no absolute way to stop aging and prevent death. The body changes that are experienced throughout aging can be far from the potential and normal functions that used to take place, drastically altering a person’s lifestyle. While aging happens to everyone, how it happens and the tolls it takes can be completely different. Taking a proactive, preventative approach to aging is the way to head into the golden years with optimism and a healthy body.

Start With the Basics

Before you get all excited that you are going to be timeless, you need to remember that what happens in your future depends on what you do in the present. That being said, it is never too early to start preparing for the journey ahead. Building a healthy body doesn’t happen overnight, and being reactive to breakdowns or decreased functioning isn’t effective either. Your dietary habits are simply that- habits that you will continue to follow as you grow older whether they are good for you or not. If you are going to make a difference in how your life looks towards the final decades, you need to develop a diet and lifestyle now that will sustain total body health.

Follow a Productive Protocol

There has always been a focus on exercise as beneficial to health, but usually for the ability to help lose or maintain healthy body weight. However, the latest research is showing that just ten minutes a day of good exercise can help reduce the risks of suffering from age-related disease. Not only does it promote internal health, but it also helps keep you looking young on the outside. A good exercise plan might do more for you than cream and lotions that cost a fortune at the beauty counter. However, before getting your game plan together, you might want to think about adding peptide injections to your anti-aging protocol.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids, which help act as messengers for other body functions. While amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, enzymes, body tissue, and hormones. Peptides help signal different areas of the body on how to do its job, and when it comes to using these in your protocol against aging, peptides work to send new orders. Different parts of the body lose function over time, and when peptides are used, they reverse the message of reduced function and stimulate the production and regulation of hormones and tissue growth. Rather than losing muscle mass, a normal occurrence during aging, peptides like the ones received through HGH therapy, help retain and boost mass. If you are going to start on an exercise plan, this is one way to get the most out of it.

Changing a Mindset

Some of the academic theories on aging are starting to look at the connection between what is considered normal aging and a lack of physical activity. Exercise has a positive effect on just about every tissue within the body, making it healthier and stronger. It works from the inside out, but the effects are undeniable. Increased oxygen levels, as experienced through activities that cause you to breathe harder, improve the heart, lungs, and major muscles. Not only that, but there have been links between regular physical activity and decreased risks of chronic illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. You don’t have to enroll in the next marathon to reap the benefits of improved activity levels. Consistently engaging in walking, swimming, cycling, golf, and yoga can help boost your brain and body. The key is to get your exercise four to six times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Do You


When it comes to the aging journey and hitting it head-on,  you need to do what is best for you. Although there are some general exercises that are good strengthening muscle or improving balance and flexibility, you need to select a routine that works with your age and any potential limitation you may already have. You should also consider joining a gym or having a partner with you when you exercise since it will help keep you more accountable and give you more support. Whatever you decide to do, the priority should be to formulate a plan and stick with it. Developing these habits now will put you in great shape to face the years ahead.


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