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Can Probiotics Slow Down the Aging Process?

Can Probiotics Slow Down the Aging Process?

With each birthday that rolls around, the number of breaths it takes to blow out the candles increases. Many people like to ignore how much candles are there, as getting older is something that most people want to fight off. The effect of aging on the brain, your skin, your joints, and your looks can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t put an anti-aging protocol in place to combat the effects of time on your body. Instead of turning to the beauty industry for creams and serums that are advertised as wrinkle-reducing, you can fight against the signs of aging from the inside out. After all, beauty is only skin-deep. What goes on inside the body has a direct impact on what the outside looks like.

Understand Gut Health

Your body is capable of hanging on to its natural energy and youthful good looks if you give it the tools it needs to succeed. When you pollute your body with junk food, stress, drugs, and environmental pollution, you damage its inner ecosystem. The damage becomes more obvious over time, with your body and looks having increasing difficulty in bouncing back from toxins and harmful substances. Looking after your gut microflora can combat these negative stresses on the system. Research shows that a  healthy gut microbiome has a significant impact on how well the body will age. Through probiotics, you can reduce the impact of oxidative stress, boost skin barrier functions, restore the natural balance of pH acidity in the skin, and improve the quality of your hair.

Fighting the Signs of Aging

The gut relies on your intake of probiotic supplements and probiotic-rich foods to keep a healthy balance of bacteria. If you are able to give the body what it needs, you can experience these age-fighting benefits.

  1. Weight Gain Prevention. With a healthy gut, there is reduced build-up of the bad bacteria that causes you to crave things like carbs and refined sugars. Obese or overweight people have a different bacteria balance in their gut than those who have a healthy weight, and research has shown that improving the amount of probiotics consumed each day can prevent weight gain because it keeps the appetite in check. Weight problems can cause premature aging to your looks and increase the risk of aging concerns with heart disease and diabetes.
  2. Liver Health. The liver is central to the aging process, as it is the organ that removes toxins from the body. When this doesn’t happen, the skin begins to show signs of damage from the impurities in the body. Research suggests that increasing the probiotic health in the gut protects the liver from alcohol and drug-induced damage, as well as giving the liver a strong antioxidant response. The probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosis can shield the liver from oxidative stress damage and fight against free radicals.
  3. Wrinkle Prevention. Most people want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as this is one of the most obvious signs of aging. Women are more susceptible to wrinkles skin around the face, often relying on serums or moisturizing cream to soften the look of crow’s feet or laughter lines. The antioxidant protection found in the liver reaches all the way to the skin as oxidative stress and toxins are more fully destroyed by a healthy liver. Age spots and wrinkles are mostly caused by the damage free radicals do to the skin cells. Probiotics also help the body absorb more of the nutrients found in food, giving your cells a nutritional boost to keep them healthy.
  4. Improved Hair, Nail, and Skin Health Great hair and nails help anyone look good, and probiotics can keep them looking good even as you age. A healthy gut will help keep your hair growing full and long, potentially preventing balding or thinning around the scalp. Your nails will benefit from the proteins that are broken down into amino acid chains, making them healthy and strong. Research shows that taking a supplement of probiotics can keep the skin more hydrated, improving resistance to the development of wrinkles but also softening the appearance of existing lines.
  5. Energy Levels. The food you eat is what fuels your body, but if your gut is full of bad bacteria, it can keep your body from absorbing the nutrients you need. Digestive functions start to get sluggish over time, but a probiotic will support the digestive system and help break down food into the right nutrients. There are some probiotics strains that cause the body to increase the production of vitamins B and K, which are used in the body’s energy production


Probiotics can be found in yogurt, fermented foods like sauerkraut or kombucha, and in supplements. Improving your gut health by increasing your intake can reduce signs of aging and rejuvenate your health.


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