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Using Amino Acid Injections for Weight Loss - 2018 Guide

Using Amino Acid Injections for Weight Loss - 2018 Guide

In today's society, where being overweight has become the norm, we view obesity as an epidemic we can't fix. Look at the fact that 2/3 of Americans are overweight living an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle. So, if you are in this 2/3, and want to transition over to the healthy 1/3, are amino acid injections the solution you have been looking for? Quite possibly the answer may be yes.

Even though some strides have been made in the right direction, far too many people are still too sedentary and not eating a healthy, balanced diet. And, regardless of the number of sit ups and push ups you do, if you don't change your diet, you aren't going to see the changes you want to see on the scale. And, the fact that too much damage has been done, means you can't undo what you've done for years and years on end. Amino acids may be the solution you've been looking for to help transition, and finally find that healthy balance and weight.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are natural compounds our bodies need in order to survive. Why? Nearly 20% of our bodies is made up of protein, and amino acids are the foundation of proteins, tissues, cells,and the molecules which make them up. So, from more energy production to weight loss, amino acids are naturally essential to helping you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When protein is consumed, the molecules are broken down which in turn exposes amino acids.
Other gases are triggered, and fat burning hormones are triggered, encouraging healthier brain and body development. When it comes to amino acids, there are two groups: essential and non-essential.

1. Essential Amino Acids

These are the amino acids our bodies can't produce on its own. So, diet and supplements are introduced so your body receives them. Deficiencies can result in lack of energy, weight gain, and in serious cases, organ failure which can prove detrimental. Kidney dysfunction, and a compromised immune system are a few of the issues which can arise. Once introduced, the amino acids will function to help improve body and brain function.
The essential amino acids include:
  1.  Histidine
  2.  Isoleucine
  3.  Leucine
  4.  Lysine
  5.  Methionine
  6.  Phenylaline
  7.  Threonine
  8.  Tryptophine
  9.  Valine
These are essential to our bodies functionality. And, as they can't be produced naturally in the body, we rely heavily on supplements, and our diet, in order to ensure we are receiving these amino acids. And, as they are essential, it is important to ensure you are using the right form of supplement, in order to ensure a sufficient level is achieved when it comes to these essential amino acids.
In addition to the essential, there are also non-essential. In addition to the main difference (the body can produce non-essential), the dosage and levels which you should consume these amino acids is also going to differ in each case.

2. Non-essential Amino Acids

The second group of amino acids is non-essential amino acids. So, how do these differ and how are they similar to amino acids? They are similar in the fact that our bodies require these acids to function properly. Our body simply can't function and survive if we are not receiving amino acids in the levels which they should be ingested. Apart from being necessary, you can also readily find these acids in supplements as well as food sources you consume daily. So, even if the body does not produce them at the right level, there are ways in which you can introduce the non-essential amino acids, in order to ensure you get a sufficient dose on a daily basis. So, how do they differ?
The fact that the body can synthesize them naturally is the manner in which non-essential amino acids differ from essential. Our body can actually produce these amino acids on their own. The non-essential amino acids are:
- Arginine and Alanine.
- Cysteine and aspartic acid.
- Glutamine and glutamic acid.
- Proline and glycine.
- Tyrosine and serine.
- Asparagine and Selenocyestine.
Some of these are considered "conditionally" non-essential amino acids. What this means is that in some individuals, higher levels of production result. So, some individuals may be deficient in some of these non-essential amino acids, and are going to have to use some form of supplement in order to ensure the right levels and balance is achieved in the body.
Supplementation is required in the cases where the body can't produce the non-essential amino acids at the levels which they should be absorbed. So, certain individuals fall into a "gray" area, and will be required to supplement for non-essential, as well as essential amino acids.
Even though there are two categories of amino acids, your body still has to ingest a certain level or amount each day. So, regardless of how you categorize them, you still have to rely on supplements to ensure you get the right dosage. How about weight loss? Can amino acids produce higher weight loss results?

Can you lose more weight with amino acids?

Can you restore natural balance and lose more weight? There are certain amino acids which have essential compounds in them, which are proven to aid in speeding up the metabolism and helping the body achieve greater weight loss results. So, yes, if you are simply trying to lose more weight, the use of amino acid supplements is a simple way in which you can achieve greater loss. By detoxing the body, and helping restore balance, you are going to see more calorie burn, you are going to rev up the metabolism, and you are going to lose more weight, in a shorter period of time.
Lipotropic amino acids are those which are more inclined to help you lose weight; so yes, some are more effective than others to help you lose weight. They trigger the hormones which are known to help regulate the metabolism, which is in turn going to help you burn more calories, even when you are not doing anything .And, they will help to kill the fat stored in your system, so you are going to target fat loss, rather than muscle loss.
Toned, lean, and less fat, make you not only look better, but your amino acid supplement is also going to help increase energy levels. So, you are naturally going to exercise more, move more, and you are going to further increase the results you want to see, when you are trying to lose weight and wish to use a supplement in order to help you achieve the results you want to achieve.

Which Amino Acids are best for weight loss?

Pharmaceutical grade amino acids might be just what your body has been looking for. If you are sluggish, lack energy,and if your metabolism has hit a plateau, you are going to find that the right supplement is a simple solution to help you achieve the greater results you want to see. By stimulating the right hormones, not only will your metabolism work faster, you are also going to target fat loss, so you are going to look and feel leaner.
Injection forms of amino acids are the most effective; not only for weight loss, but also to help you achieve the required dosage on a daily basis. Since it is going to work directly into the blood stream, you are going to feel the instant jolt of energy that you have been lacking. With proper diet and exercise, you are going to see even greater results.
Experts have found that some amino acid injections are more beneficial than others. So, which ones should you be using if you are trying to achieve faster weight loss results which are actually going to stick? These are a few of the top options for you to choose from, when it comes to choose pharmaceutical grade amino acids for weight loss.

1. Methionine

The super lipotropic is a cleanser. It works to cleanse the liver, detox the body, and it is naturally going to help to rev up your metabolism from the moment you inject it. It will boost the metabolism and it is going to work to help kill off the fat which is stored in your body. Naturally you are going to burn more and lose more weight. It plays a key role in scraping off layers of fat, detoxing the body, and helping to restore the natural balance your body desires and needs. With inositil and cholin, you have a powerful antioxidant blend, which is truly going to kick start your weight loss efforts.

2. Arginine

By opening up the blood vessels naturally, you are going to feel rejuvenated; this is also going to aid in oxidation, so that your body is burning more, and it is also naturally going to allow for the hormones to kick start your metabolism, which is going to result in greater weight loss results over time.
By reducing recovery time, you can burn more as well. You can get into the gym more often, you can increase your exercise and exertion, and as your body is going to recover faster, you are naturally going to feel rejuvenated and more energized, so you are going to burn more. HGH is also triggered; so, with increased levels of growth hormones, the body is going to burn more, and metabolize faster as well. All of these factors are going to bode well for those who are trying to burn more calories, and are looking to achieve the very best results as it relates to weight loss.
Adding carnitine to the mix, you are going to find that you will burn even more calories, and the body will oxidize fat, so you are going to feel leaner, and the body is going to look more cut/built with lean muscle mass development.

3. Carnitine

This fat burning compound is going to turn your body into a furnace. You are going to burn more calories, your metabolism is going to work faster, and you are naturally going to experience greater weight loss results over time as well. Androgen receptors are also activated, meaning you are going to naturally produce lean muscle mass, so you look lean and fit with continued use.

4. Glutamine

When you have built up levels of glutamine, you are going to have more energy. So, you can workout longer and harder; add this in with the fact that it will naturally rev up the metabolism, and you are going to see a great benefit in your weight loss efforts. Increased growth hormone levels is also a benefit of glutamine. This is going to help you burn more calories, even when you are doing nothing. So, over the course of time, you are going to burn more, lose more fat, and you are going to lose weight faster, as a result, when you incorporate this amino acid as a supplement for your weight loss efforts.

Even with these, not all supplement forms are created equally. Therefore, you should compare a number of different options into the blend, in order to ensure you choose the best for your weight loss efforts.

Injections are the way to go

Injections are not only far more potent, they also do not contain additives in the mix. So, you are going to get the greatest benefits, you are going to achieve more weight loss, and your body is going to burn faster when you incorporate them. Pharmaceutical grade amino acids are the ones which should be chosen when it pertains to your weight loss efforts, and also to ensure you get the essential and non-essential dosage on a daily basis.
You want to give your body the nutrition that it requires; not only so you can burn more and lose more weight, but also to ensure you are going to feel and look your best, when you are trying to lose weight. Even if it takes a little more time, you have to understand how to incorporate the right amino acid blends into the mix. If you would like to learn more about the products we offer, and how you are going to achieve the best results, there is more than one option to consider. Visit our site today to learn more about our amino acids, as well as the other injection forms we offer, to help you with weight loss, and all your goals as it relates to fitness.

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