Telehealth Explained

Telehealth is the practice of using information and telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare services.  This groundbreaking healthcare model is designed to eliminate the great barriers set by distance.  This greatly benefits patients who are in need of specialized healthcare services, but wouldn't otherwise have access to them.

How We Use Telehealth to Provide You With Our Medical Programs

Thanks to telehealth we can now provide patients all over the United States with the same care and service we provide our local patients.  Our patients can now enjoy the great benefits made possible by telehealth directly through our website.  By ordering online and completing the same medical forms as patients do in our offices, we've developed a stress free and convenient platform available to anyone in the entire United States in search of the best medical hCG diet program available.


Through the telehealth protocols, our physicians will perform a telephone or video consultation with you as soon as you submit your online medical evaluation documents.  During the tele-consultation, you will be able to ask any medical concerns you may have.  During the consultation, the doctor will go over your medical documents and perform the same evaluation you would receive in our medical centers.

Prescriptions & Medications

telehealth gives our doctors the ability to legally prescribe pharmaceuticals to all our nationwide patients.  Nu Image Medical DOES NOT allow or prescribe the use of controlled substance medications on our telehealth programs.