Pounds And Inches: The Book That Started It All

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Perhaps one of the most controversial diets of all time is the official HCG diet.The diet consists of daily injections of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin while eating a diet that is limited to just 500 calories a day. The diet was developed by British physician Dr. A.T.W. Simeons as he performed research into the hormone and discovered a method that enables people to use it for weight loss. Dr. Simeons published his findings in his book Pounds and Inches.

The doctor first released his findings in the 50’s but it did not receive the attention or credit it deserved at the time. In fact, many doctors wrote Pounds and Inches off and refused to believe his findings. It wasn’t until more recent times that the book has started to garner more attention and positive light has been shed on the subject.  In the book, Dr. Simeons outlines the exact methods he used during his research and the very popular HCG diet protocol.

The research and findings in Pounds and Inches is interesting for a variety of reasons. Most people are generally intrigued by the Very Low Calorie Diet (a.k.a. the 500 calorie diet) and rightfully so. The ability to eat just 500 calories a day is astounding to say the least. The FDA recommends a 2,000 calorie diet and most people eat more than that on a daily basis. So cutting down your caloric intake by more than 50% is mind boggling for most. But in Dr. Simeons’ book, he tells you exactly how to do it. The key to the 500 calorie diet is to do it in conjunction with the daily HCG injections.

Simply cutting the amount of calories you eat results in well-known side effects such as extreme hunger, headaches, weakness, lack of energy, decreased concentration, and more. Dr. Simeons discovered that when he gave his patients the HCG injections, they were able to intake just 500 calories a day without all of the side effects. Not only that, but they were able to maintain their muscle mass while burning fat. This is what makes Pounds and Inches such as scientific breakthrough. During his research, he reported his patients lost anywhere from .5-3 pounds a day while on the HCG diet.

The problem with most other diets is that they leave you hungry, feeling weak, and you aren’t able to eat many of the things you enjoy. With the HCG diet, the items you’re able to eat are restricted, but all of your favorites such as chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, and fruits are still there. Pounds and Inches outlines the complete breakdown of what you can and cannot eat as well. You will also see the complete lineup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is very important due to the fact that there are a lot of fake HCG diets online that give you meal plans that greatly differ from the official HCG diet.

Another great point that the book touches on is that you should be exercising regularly while on the diet. During his research, his patients were able to lose the weight even without daily exercise. But in order to ensure your overall health stays great and to lose even more fat it’s highly recommended that you incorporate exercise into your HCG diet protocol. Exercising also will help you build more muscle as well which is a great benefit.

One often overlooked part of the HCG diet plan is that you have to watch the beauty and health products that you use as well. Since the diet calls for you to limit the amount of fat your body intakes, it is crucial that you avoid using products that incorporate animal fats and other fats. In the book, Simeons’ goes over certain ingredients to watch out for. Because a lot of the ingredients have scientific terms that the average person would not recognize as fats, reading Pounds and Inches will really help you to get a better understanding for what to look for in ingredient lists.

The goal of his manuscript was to take a new approach to losing fat that had not been considered before. The old notion of spending hours in the gym or eating highly restrictive diets while only losing a couple pounds a week were blown out of the water with Simeons released his findings. Pounds and Inches examined a more scientific approach to weight loss. For instance, he found that through his HCG diet, the patients’ metabolism became more regulated. By doing this, the HCG diet goes beyond just losing some fat and attacks the root issues so that you don’t regain the weight in a few months. Essentially, the book aims to fix obesity and is more than just a diet plan. Whether you’re contemplating using the HCG diet or just curious about losing weight in general, you should definitely take a look into Pounds and Inches.