Our Doctors

Dr. Connie Odom

Dr. Odom is a highly regarded certified Anesthesiologist and is board certified by the American Academy of Anti Aging. Dr. Odom served her residency at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn NY one of the most respected non-profit, teaching hospitals in the country.

Her interest in Anti-aging and weight loss began through her many years of work as an Anesthesiologist and Cosmetic physician. Dr. Odom has always been motivated by her strong belief that every single area of our lives is affected by our health and wellness. Due to her motivation and her extensive knowledge in effective/safe cosmetic procedures, Dr. Odom is dedicated to helping people correct those imperfections that have become uncomfortably noticeable .



Dr. Larry Vickman

A graduate of UCLA School of Medicine Larry Vickman has practiced in emergency, rehabilitative, and family medicine while also being a well respected health consultant.   His board certifications range from emergency medicine to medical management, and his residency is in family practice.  He received his MHA from the University of Colorado College of Business in 1991.

Dr. Vickman's extraordinary clinical practice career expands over decades.  His practice ranges from emergency, family, and rehabilitative medicine.  For over 11 years, Dr. Vickman provided consultations to widely recognized doctors, groups, and institutions on a variety of issues ranging from management, and staff leadership, to group management.  

After taking a sabbatical in Barcelona, Spain,  Dr. Vickman published many highly publicized articles regarding physician wellbeing and burnout.  He has spoken on the subject for the last several years.

Dr. Vickman is an honorary member of the following organizations:

  •   American College of Emergency Physicians
  •   American College of Health Care Executives