HCG Diet Tampa

Chances are that you’ve been a bit apprehensive about trusting the numerous places trying get you to buy hcg around town. Our Tampa hcg diet clinic will give you the opportunity to join our medically supervised hcg diet program and finally lose the weight that has been troubling you for all of these years in a way that is effective, and most importantly safe.  With seven years of experience in this life transforming diet plan, we are now here to bring the real hcg diet to Tampa,


About the HCG Diet Tampa has Been Waiting For

A naturally occurring hormone in pregnant women, HCG, or Human chorionic gonadotropin was first discovered for its weight loss benefits by Dr. Simeons.  While studying pregnant women in India he discovered that even though the mothers were malnourished, they were giving birth to healthy children.  After performing many clinical studies and trials, he discovered that HCG resets the body to use the fat stores for energy.  From this set of discoveries and trials, he developed the word famous hcg diet in 1954.

The HCG hormone helps to remove unwanted fat stores from the human body.  If you have not already, you can follow the link and learn more about the hcg diet.Although around for well over 60 years, today, it is a well-known method for rapid weight loss. But buying HCG without considering certain facts about it, can lead you into trouble, rather than bringing about effective weight loss. This is why you need to know exactly what you’re getting and who you’re getting it from.

The hcg medication can only be obtained through a prescription from a licensed U.S physician.  Once approved by the doctor, we will provide you with FDA approved HCG.  Through our program, you will gain access to our team of physicians, practitioners, nutritionists, and HCG diet coaches. It is time that the HCG Tampa truly deserves is available.

If you still don’t understand the importance of getting your medication through a U.S licensed physician, then take a look at this video.  Although there is some misinformation, please listen to what the host (who is a doctor) says about getting your HCG from any place other than a through a physician.

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Our staff is ready to take this journey with you.  The safe solution to rapid weight loss is finally in Tampa. Contact us through the site, or  call us now at: (813) 699-5577.