HCG Diet Express – New Jersey (NJ)

Our HCG Diet Express program is available to patients in New Jersey.

In 2006, Nu Image Medical opened its doors to the public, originally located in Totowa, NJ.

We have since moved to Florida, but our nationwide telehealth program allows us to treat patients from New Jersey still, at FRACTIONS of the cost that local physicians are charging.

Have you called around lately in NJ for pricing? 

We have been shocked what doctors are charging for the HCG Diet in New Jersey.

$2400, $1800, $1200 for 6 weeks??

That is outrageous.


Let Nu Image Medical start you today on the real, medical HCG Diet program that we have been offering for almost 6 years now!

Our physicians, nutritionists and HCG Coaches have made losing weight easy, and affordable to everyone!


Please call us to day, or sign up online immediately by CLICKING HERE.