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Health Benefits of the HCG Diet

health-benefits-of-the-hcg-dietThe HCG diet is one of the best diets for your health and it can help you lose weight quickly and get back in shape while reversing damage to your health that can result from a poor diet and carrying excess weight. There are very few diets that actually have proven to work consistently, but the HCG is one of the most historically proven diets and there are dozens of health benefits of the HCG diet which gives dieters a great incentive to try at least one round. The diet can reduce your chance of developing diabetes, reduce dangerous visceral fat, improve your cholesterol and triglyceride profile, and most importantly you will lose a large amount of weight quickly. It can be an excellent stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle and if you have struggled with weight loss in the past, you may want to try a round of the diet as it can have great results for you where other diets have failed.

The HCG diet can change your appetites

The diet is effective at changing your appetites for unhealthy foods, and it can be one of the best way to overcome your appetites for the wrong foods if you have struggled with cravings in the past. You will have to deal with not eating most of your favorite foods for the three or six week very low calorie diet, and you will have to eliminate most foods with carbs. You will find that the hormone is effective at helping you with food cravings and that you most likely will hardly crave the foods that you are used to eating during the diet. The effect that the diet can have on your appetites is lasting because many of the appetites that we develop for junk food are unnatural, and once you reset your diet with natural foods it can change your brain’s biochemistry and cravings.

A lower risk of chronic illness is one of the main health benefits of the HCG diet

One of the biggest benefits of the HCG diet is that dieters will have a much lower risk of chronic illness after the diet has been completed. The three week diet can result in weight loss of anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds, while the six week diet can result in weight loss of 15 to 40 pounds or more, and losing this much weight always has a major impact on reducing a person’s risk of developing several chronic illnesses. Several studies have shown that weight loss of just 10 pounds or so can lower blood pressure, and many people who complete the diet also reduce pre-diabetic symptoms. Also their triglyceride and cholesterol levels often decrease after the diet is completed.

Better mobility

Losing weight can have a dramatic impact on your mobility. If you’ve ever tried any form of cardiovascular exercise with just a few pounds of extra weight, you know how difficult it can be. People with several pounds of excess weight are always carrying that weight with them throughout the day, and the extra weight can cause serious mobility problems for some people. Losing just 10 pounds of weight can make you feel much lighter and more mobile. It can reduce stress on your joints and greatly reduce the symptoms of chronic joint pain or inflammation diseases. You will also find that your workouts are much easier after you have lost abnormal fat, and you will feel more agile and faster during them. The tasks and chores that you do on a daily basis will also be easier for you to manage.

No exercise is required for the weight loss

Although it technically isn’t a health benefit, one unique aspect of the HCG diet is that exercise is not required for weight loss. Exercise can be difficult for some dieters who may have physical injuries or other ailments that prevent them from working out on a regular basis. Exercise can prove to be difficult and inconvenient for many dieters, but it can be completely avoided for most of the HCG diet. During Phase 2 of the diet, exercise is strictly forbidden and actually counteracts the weight loss effects of the hormone, but during Phase 3 and afterward it is allowable. People who have struggled to lose weight with exercise don’t have to worry about it with the HCG diet, and the weight loss can be substantial even without exercise. That doesn’t mean that exercise should be avoided with the diet, it just means that people who can’t exercise regularly can use the diet to their advantage and lose the weight that they need.

Improved heart health

Another one of the biggest benefits of losing weight is the fact that you will improve your heart health dramatically, and lower your risk of both a heart attack and a stroke. Losing weight can improve your triglyceride levels and lower your cholesterol, and high levels of both are associated with a high risk of heart disease. Losing abnormal fat can reduce dangerous visceral fat levels, and studies show that losing just 5 percent to 10 percent of your body weight can reduce your risk of a heart attack. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the workload and helps your heart function better. A lower weight reduces the chance of artery clogging plaque building up, and it helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure. Losing weight reduces the amount of blood lipids in your body and also reduces the chance of blood clots from occurring.

Reverse metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a common condition that many people have started develop; even people who seem thin. There are several symptoms of metabolic syndrome that can be reversed by following a low calorie diet like the human chorionic gonadotropin diet. Some of the symptoms include high blood pressure, a high amount of visceral fat, high cholesterol levels, and high blood sugar. Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to many chronic illnesses and is often the result of a poor diet, however the diet may reverse it by lowering body fat and “resetting” the metabolism. It is crucial to stop metabolic syndrome early on so that it does not progress to one of the many illnesses that it can lead to such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses.

Lower belly fat

The HCG diet targets abnormal fat around the belly, which is strongly associated with a higher risk of chronic disease and can be the most stubborn type of fat to lose. There is no way to target belly fat specifically, but when you lose weight in general you will lose weight around your midsection. Most people who try the HCG diet lose several pounds in just a matter of weeks, and the weight loss around the midsection is very noticeable. Weight around the midsection is associated with diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. It is well worth the effort to try the diet for a few weeks because it can reverse the metabolic damage and the built up belly fat that a poor diet can cause, and this type of fat can be difficult to lose even for thinner people.

If you are interested in gaining these health benefits and other health benefits, consider starting the HCG diet today and seeing for yourself how quickly it can help you lose excess fat and reduce your chance of developing illnesses.

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How to Avoid HCG Diet Phase 3 Cheating

how-to-avoid-hcg-diet-phase-3-cheatingCheating during Phase 3 of the HCG diet can end up being highly detrimental to your progress after the diet is over, and you should do your best to avoid HCG diet phase 3 cheating because you can end up losing much of the progress that you made on the diet. There are several strategies that you can implement during Phase 3 to avoid cheating and ensure that you don’t fall back after making progress during Phase 2 of the diet. Remember that Phase 3 is the most important part of the diet because you will start reintroducing the foods that you previously ate back into your diet gradually. You will no longer be injecting the hormone, so the appetite suppressant effect will be lost and as a result you may end up feeling hungrier during this phase of the diet.

Why Phase 3 is hard

Phase 3 of the diet can be even harder than Phase 2, because you no longer have the metabolic effects of the hormone, but you have to successfully make the transition back into your “regular” diet. Many people find that the VLCD part of the HCG diet is a lot easier than Phase 3 because the hormone is very helpful and makes the low calorie diet a lot easier. Phase 3 has many opportunities for mistakes as the patient starts to include more foods into their diet, and appetites for some of the foods that may have caused weight gain issues in the past can start to come back. Phase 3 is also calorie restricted like Phase 2, but some patients neglect restricting their calories and end up eating way more than they need to and gaining back some of the weight that they lost very quickly.

Continue to follow the protocol

The main thing to do is to continue to follow the protocol during Phase 3 of the diet and ensure that you don’t deviate from it. This includes continuing to avoid grains, most fats (outside of natural fats like dairy, avocado and nuts), and avoiding processed foods and junk foods. Essentially you will want to stick to mostly if not all of the same foods that you ate during Phase 2, while ensuring that you increase your calorie and protein intake. You will need to pick a daily calorie intake that will sustain your weight, and for many people this amount is around 800 to 1000 calories per day but you should discuss the specific amount with your medical provider prior to starting the diet. If necessary, review the protocol again prior to starting Phase 3 of the diet so that you know which foods to avoid and the ones that are allowable.

Add foods back into your diet slowly

There are always certain foods like grains that you should avoid no matter what, but there may even be some “healthy” foods that cause weight gain issues for your metabolic type. Another strategy for avoiding unnecessary weight gain during this phase is to add foods back into your diet very gradually. Essentially, you should stick to the exact same foods that you ate during Phase 2 of the HCG diet, but increase their servings a little. Then, one food at a time, you can start adding them back into your diet while continuing to monitor your weight (which is required as a part of the diet protocol). By adding foods back into your diet very slowly, you can pinpoint any problematic foods that may cause weight gain as soon as they become a problem, and you will know specifically which foods are the biggest issue. You may want to also try HCG diet meal replacement shakes if you are having trouble with weight gain during this phase and need a low calorie meal alternative.

Avoid high sugar fruits and vegetables

Not every fruit and vegetable will be good for you to start integrating into your diet as soon as you reach Phase 3. You need to continue to be selective and avoid high starch and high sugar fruits and vegetables. You can always look up the glycemic index of the fruit or vegetable that you are considering eating as a quick way to determine whether or not it would be good for you. The glycemic index (GI) measures how quickly the food is broken down into glucose by your body, and in general, foods with a higher glycemic index are bad for you and should be avoided. Some examples of high glycemic index fruits and vegetables include: raisins, watermelon, bananas, potatoes, beets and corn. Note that many fruits and vegetables have what can be considered a “medium” glycemic index, and these fruits and vegetables should be mostly avoided during Phase 3 of the diet.

A “low” glycemic index is usually defined as between 0-55, a “medium” glycemic index is defined as between 56-69, and a “high” glycemic index is anything that is 70 or above. If you look up the glycemic index of foods, you will notice that many foods made with grains have what can be considered a high glycemic index of 70 or more. High GI diets are associated with a wide range of different health problems like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses, while low GI diets have a much lower risk of these health problems. Again, during Phase 3 if you stick to low GI fruits and vegetables and start adding them back into your diet one at a time, you will very likely have no weight gain issues at all because weight gain is normally caused by high glycemic index foods, but you do need to be careful with portion sizes and calorie intake no matter what.

Monitor your weight carefully

One of the biggest causes for weight gain during Phase 3 of the diet is neglecting daily monitoring of your weight. You need to measure your weight the first thing every morning, and as a part of the diet protocol you need to use a plateau breaker like a Steak Day or an Apple Day as soon as you gain more than two pounds. Weight gain during this phase of the diet isn’t an issue as long as you catch it early, but it becomes a problem very quickly when you neglect weighing yourself for a few days in a row and then find that you’ve gained a lot more than 2 pounds. HCG diet plateau breakers can easily reduce the effects of a few pounds of weight gain, but it becomes a lot harder to lose 4 to 5 pounds or more, so always be vigilant of your weight.

Don’t eat at restaurants

You should continue to avoid the temptation to eat at restaurants during Phase 3 of the diet. If you start eating at restaurants once you hit this phase of the diet, you are taking a major risk because it can be difficult to control exactly what you eat. And let’s face it, most entrees at restaurants are not very healthy, so you shouldn’t rely on them when you are trying to continue to eat healthy foods. The best thing to do is to continue to stick to cooking at home, and thankfully there are dozens of great HCG diet phase 3 recipes that are low in calories but also satisfying and will help you avoid the desire to eat out as much as possible. Once you have figured out what you can and can’t eat, you can take a few more risks with restaurants and order foods that you know won’t cause weight gain. If you have any questions at all about Phase 3 of the diet or want to speak to a medical provider to discuss strategies for this phase, click here to talk to one at Nu Image Medical today.


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About the HCG Diet Food List

about-the-hcg-diet-food-listThe HCG diet food list is comprised of specific foods that are designed to not cause any difficulties while on the diet, and the list of foods is actually quite small and can be easily memorized. The HCG diet food list includes protein, vegetables and fruit, but does not include many grain products with the exception of Grissini breadsticks and Melba toasts, both of which are limited to two pieces per day of either one. As you can see the diet is very limited in carbohydrates, and the food list emphasizes foods that are very filling but low in calories, such as high fiber vegetables and fruits. The diet also emphasizes drinking large amounts of water; upwards of a half-gallon to a gallon per day, which helps with digestion and with satiety during the diet.

The foods on the HCG diet do not interfere with the hormone

One important point to note is that the foods that have been selected for the HCG diet do not interfere with the effectiveness of the hormone. This means that the body’s fat metabolism is boosted while on the diet with the unique metabolic effects of the HCG hormone, and that the foods will help the hormone burn abnormal fat. The food list was carefully selected after several years of experimentation, and foods actually help the body burn abnormal fat. Having an optimal fat metabolism rate is essential for losing the largest amount of weight in the shortest period of time, and the people who stick to the HCG diet food list as closely as possible always end up losing the largest amount of weight, assuming that they follow their injection protocol properly. It is important to avoid cheating or changing the food list while on the diet, as cheating can have significant effects on the rate of weight loss and more.

There are a limited number of fruits on the diet

The food list limits the number and type of allowed fruits on the diet to just five: apples, oranges, strawberries, lemons and grapefruit. You are allowed two servings of each type of fruit per day, and the fruit servings can be eaten with meals or separately as snacks. Many people choose to eat a serving of fruit along with tea or water and possibly a breadstick for breakfast, and also snacking on fruit during the day. The fruits on the HCG diet have been proven to be effective at assisting with weight loss, and they are very low in calories. A half of a grapefruit counts for one serving, as does a medium green apple, an orange, or a handful of strawberries (about 7 to 8).

In spite of the diet being low calorie, there are several protein options

The HCG diet is unique because there are several options for protein. The main thing to consider is that high fat protein products like ground beef, t-bone steaks, ribeye and other high fat meats are prohibited because the fat in these meats can cause metabolic issues and disrupt the effectiveness of the hormone. The most common options for protein include white fish, shrimp, chicken breast, lean red meat and certain veal cuts. Veal sirloin and loin chop are allowed on the diet because both of these cuts are low calorie and low fat. As for red meat cuts, tri tip steak is allowed, lean beef, bison, top round steak, sirloin tip, cube steak and other very lean cuts. Chicken breast is preferred for chicken eaters, as the thigh and dark meat are higher in fat content, and for fish there are several options for low fat white fish such as cod, flounder, red snapper, haddock and more.

Vegetables are an integral part of the food list

Because of the fact that the diet is very limited in calories, there are a wide range of different vegetable options that make up the bulk of the content of the diet. You can serve about 1 cooked cup or even more of many of the vegetables that are allowed on the diet, but two different vegetables should not be mixed at one meal. Vegetables can be measured in large quantities but end up taking very few calories out of the 500 daily calorie limit and some of the most popular options include asparagus, beet greens, celery, cabbage, cucumber, chard, chicory, fennel, lettuce (of any variety), red radishes, onion, tomato and spinach. Some other protocols allow for the consumption of other vegetables, but this can cause issues with the diet.

Picking the right condiments is important on the diet

Dieters sometimes overlook the fact that condiments must be carefully selected when on the HCG diet. Using condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, or anything else that has prohibited ingredients can cause a major impact on the diet and affect your weight of rate loss, along with affecting the effectiveness of the hormone. There is a specific list of seasonings and condiments that dieters must stick to in order to ensure that there are no problems, and some of them include apple cider vinegar, stevia, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, oregano, thyme, basil, and mustard. Stevia is a commonly used sweetener on the diet, and as much stevia as desired can be used since there are very few calories per serving. Also black coffee and tea are allowed on the diet in unlimited quantities (within reason) because of their low calorie intake.

Vegetarians can try the HCG diet

The food list can be modified for vegetarians, and for vegetarians that eat eggs or fish it is recommended that they get most of their protein from either of these two animal sources. Vegetarians that don’t eat fish or eggs usually need a whey protein meal replacement in order to get the necessary amount of protein while on the diet. The original Dr. Simeons protocol suggested that they drink skim milk in order to get their protein intake for the day, however this can end up leading to a protein deficiency, and whey protein is usually recommended as the best meat alternative. Unfortunately, protein from legumes and nuts is forbidden on the diet, so vegetarians cannot use these food sources, and in some cases the rate of weight loss may be lower than people who are able to consume meat. Vegetarians are often approved to eat zero fat cottage cheese and eggs for some or all of their protein intake, but this must be approved by a medical provider prior to starting the diet.

Be sure to consult the food list before shopping

Before you go shopping you should check the food list and ensure that you are only buying foods that are approved for the diet. Your best bet is to print out the food list and for the three week or six week diet only buy foods from that specific list. You can also have prepackaged HCG diet meals shipped to your home if you don’t have the time to shop and cook, and the cost for these meals is comparable to what you would spend at the grocery store. Don’t buy any foods that are not allowed on the diet unless you want to put yourself at risk of cheating and slow down your rate of weight loss, and be sure that you read the list and memorize it so that you don’t slip up if you ever have to eat outside of home. To ask any questions that you may have about the diet or the approved food list, click here to speak to a medical provider.


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Phase 2 HCG Diet Recipes – Herb Baked Tilapia

This is one of the easier phase 2 HCG diet recipes for herb and lemon baked tilapia, and tilapia is one of the best protein options on the HCG diet because it has omega-3 fatty acids and it is both low in fat and other calories. Some other options for fish on the diet include cod, founder, halibut, and haddock, but just bear in mind that some types of fish are higher in calories than others. You are looking at about 126 calories per 3.5 ounce serving of tilapia, while an equivalent serving of halibut would be 136 calories, and cod would be lower at 104 calories. You can use this recipe either for lunch or dinner and if you need to scale it up just double up on the ingredients, and increase the cooking time by a few minutes. This recipe is for two servings of this tilapia recipe, and it goes very well with many of the HCG diet vegetables include fresh spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and many others.


  • 7 ounces of tilapia
  • 4 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • ¼ tsp. ground mustard
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced and crushed
  • ½ tsp. Italian seasoning
  • ½ tsp. red pepper
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  2. Mix lemon juice, lemon zest, mustard, minced garlic, Italian seasoning, red pepper and salt and pepper in a bowl.
  3. Dip fish fillets in seasoning and cover thoroughly (you can also season the fish in the bowl, cover and marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes).
  4. Put fish in a shallow baking pan lined with foil.
  5. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until fillets can be easily flaked using a fork.

Servings: 2

Calories per Serving: 156

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HCG Diet Cheat Recovery Tips

hcg-diet-cheat-recovery-tipsThere are several things that you can do to recover from cheating on the HCG diet, and it is quite easy to make a recovery no matter how much you have cheated on the diet. There are several plateau breakers that you can try if you end up cheating on the diet, and you should be discouraged no matter how bad you mess up the protocol. You can get right back on track by using one of the plateau breakers, and doing a Steak Day or an Apple Day will help you recover from cheating quickly and detox your body so that the weight loss can resume. You may notice that your weight loss will stall after a cheating day, and if it does you shouldn’t worry but follow a few basic steps to get back on track and start losing weight at the same rate that you were before.

I have cheated on my diet, what can I do to fix it?

First of all, if you cheat on the HCG diet just know that it is common and that the diet is not the easiest in the world to complete without cheating. With that said, it is still an effective diet for weight loss in spite of the fact that it may be difficult to complete without cheating. When your weight loss stalls as a result of cheating you should simply resume the normal diet for a few days and monitor your weight. If you notice that you are still gaining weight or if your weight is not decreasing at the same rate that it was before, you should try an Apple Day or a Steak Day. Both of these plateau breakers are included with our HCG diet protocol, and both of them can help you resume your normal weight loss after a stall that results from cheating.

Apple Day and Steak Day explained

The Apple Day consists of eating nothing other than 6 green apples throughout the day and drinking water. You don’t want to eat anything else other than the six green apples, and you should try to space them out as much as possible to help with hunger. Eating nothing but green apples for one day will help your body detoxify from the effects of cheating, and it should get your weight loss back on track. The other option is the Steak Day, which involves eating one green apple or tomato, one large portion of steak for dinner, and as much water as you want throughout the day. This can be tried when the Apple Day doesn’t work and is another alternative plateau breaker.

Apple Day or Steak Day after cheating on diet?

There’s no right answer as to which plateau breaker that you should try first whenever you cheat on the diet. You can go with either an Apple Day or a Steak Day, but one important thing to do is to not try both of them on consecutive days, and you should only try a plateau breaker for one day. If you try one of the plateau breakers, be sure to monitor your weight the following morning and note if there is any difference, and give the plateau breaker at least two to three days to have an effect. If one of them doesn’t work you can try the other after a waiting period of three days, but don’t follow one with another on the next day. Be sure to weigh yourself every morning after you use the restroom and be consistent with your weighing to track how it is fluctuating.

I have cheated a lot on my HCG diet, should I stop or keep going?

If you’ve cheated a lot on your HCG diet you shouldn’t be discouraged and you should finish out the diet. No matter how much you’ve cheated during the diet you can still lose weight, even if the majority of the days of Phase 2 or Phase 3 were not completed successfully. Try to finish the rest of the diet on the 500 calorie per day plan, and you can always try another round of the diet. The first round of the diet can be challenging for some people, and there is a bit of a learning curve to be able to manage the daily calorie requirement, food requirements, cooking and other aspects of the diet. You can always finish the diet no matter how much you’ve cheated, and you will be surprised at how much weight you really can lose even if you cheat.

Avoid having to recover by minimizing cheating on the diet

To avoid cheating in the first place there is a lot that you can do, and a big part of success on the diet is knowing your own weaknesses. Some people do not like cooking, and if that is the case you can still complete the full diet with our already prepared HCG diet meals and meal replacements. If you know that you don’t have the time to cook, just purchase the prepared meals so that your meals are ready to go. If you are the type of person who can’t resist eating out, avoid joining your friends to restaurants and be sure to always eat at home. Also be sure to drink enough water which can help you feel full throughout the day and avoid the temptation to snack, although the hormone should theoretically help you through the diet by suppressing your appetite.

Space your meals out and eat plenty of vegetables

Avoiding cheating on the diet is fairly easy once you get acquainted with the allowed foods and calorie limits. If you really have to cheat on the diet and eat more calories than you’re supposed to, you should simply eat more of what you are allowed to eat while on the diet. For instance you might have more than a cup of spinach during one of your meals, and you still may be able to stay under your calorie limit. Vegetables are generally very low in calories, and the best way to fight hunger on the diet is to eat more vegetables which have fiber and other nutrients that will keep you full throughout the day. Also, space your meals apart and be sure to eat a breakfast with at least one of your fruit servings which can help you get to your next meal.

Remember that the hormone is always working

You have to remind yourself while you are on the diet that the hormone is always working to metabolize fat and that you will have the energy that you need to get through your diet through metabolized fat, so you really don’t need to snack or eat more than 500 calories while you are in Phase 2 of the diet. Much of the hunger and temptation that you will experience while on the diet is psychological, and you can do a lot to overcome it by reminding yourself of the fact that your body has all of the calories that it needs by breaking down excess fat. You can be successful on the diet, and although it is one of the fastest diets out there it really isn’t that difficult with the proper planning and understanding of the diet’s requirements. Get more information about the diet here or speak to a medical provider today if you have any concerns about the diet.

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Best HCG Diet 2015 Plan

best-hcg-diet-2015-plan2015 is the perfect year to get started with a new diet, and you may have heard of the HCG diet as it has become one of the most popular weight loss diets available anywhere. The HCG diet can help you lose weight quickly and effectively, but there are dozens of HCG Weight Loss programs available and it can be a bit confusing to try to narrow down the best. You do have to be careful because with the wide variety of different HCG programs available there are several that aren’t effective or use protocols that have not been clinically proven. With the right HCG hormone diet program you can end up losing 40 or more pounds over a period of six weeks, and the results that you can get on the diet are quite amazing compared to other diets.

Nu Image Medical is the #1 HCG Diet Plan

If you want to start the HCG diet in 2015, there is no better place to start than Nu Image Medical. We are the largest and most trusted provider of HCG, and we offer a full medical consultation via telemedicine no matter where you live so that you never have to enter a clinic, and it is the same quality as any diet that you would receive from a clinic at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be lured by lower quality diet programs that offer the diet at a lower cost; many of these programs do not actually have a license to issue pharmaceutical grade HCG and as a result the products that you get may not have any real hormone in them, or they may even be dangerous.

When it comes to diet providers, experience matters

With over a decade of experience administering HCG Weight Loss, there are few if any other clinics that can match the experience and expertise that Nu Image Medical has with the diet. Experience does matter with this diet because it is a very low calorie diet that must be carefully administered only to patients who have been approved by a medical doctor to safely try the diet. The diet is certainly not for everyone, and there are other options for weight loss available to people who may not be able to try the diet safely. If you purchase the diet from a clinic that does not have the same level of experience, or lacks medical oversight, you may not get the results that you are looking for and you may be putting your health at risk.

Nu Image Medical has licensed medical professionals on staff

Nu Image Medical has over 11 years of experience with the diet and is staffed by licensed medical providers, and there are few if any other online providers that can compare to the level of quality and service that you will get with our diet program. You are able to ask our medical professionals any questions that you want during the start of the diet and throughout the rest of the diet, and if you have any health concerns or potential problems that would prevent you from trying the diet they will be addressed during your medical consultation. It is important to only try the HCG program when you have real medical supervision; the programs that sell the diet without a medical consultation are doing so unethically and sometimes illegally, and you are jeopardizing your health if you try those programs. Also some providers use unproven protocols which can be just as dangerous.

The Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol is the only proven and effective one

There are several HCG programs available and many of them use new or “updated” diet protocols, but the Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol is by far the safest and the most proven of any of them. Nu Image Medical only uses this protocol because of its effectiveness and safety and the large amount of evidence backing it. There are diet programs that claim to offer new protocols that can increase the speed of weight loss on the diet by changing the allowed foods, calorie intake, or other parts of the diet, but there is no other protocol that has been tested or shown to be effective in clinical trials other than the Simeons protocol. At Nu Image Medical we condense the protocol into a simple and easy to use guide that highlights the most important aspects that you need to know, and it only takes a few hours or less to become familiar with it.

Nu Image Medical’s online program focuses on safety

One unique aspect of Nu Image Medical’s online HCG program is that we focus on safety over everything else. We do offer you the ability to participate in the diet from the comfort of your home without having to spend large amounts of money at a local clinic, but we are an actual licensed clinic that also offers the diet on site and we have a physical location. Safety is our highest concern and we only issue 100% pure pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin after you have been prescribed the hormone from a licensed medical professional. Other companies will sell you the hormone without evaluating you at all, and they often have no one on staff to answer your questions or review your health history to ensure that the diet is safe at all.

You can lose 15 to 40 pounds or more with our diet program

When you work with Nu Image Medical you can lose up to 40 pounds safely and effectively over a period of just six weeks. We have treated thousands of patients successfully, and our medical providers are the best in the diet industry. There is simply no better diet that can help you achieve the weight loss results that you’ve always wanted, and with the safety and medical supervision that you need. We offer our online diet program as a professional alternative to the thousands of low quality diet programs that you may have seen when searching for the diet online, and we guarantee results with our program as long as you follow our protocol and stick to the requirements of the diet and the instructions that we provide you with.

Get 10% off the HCG Diet 2015 Plan

As a promotion for the 2015 HCG Plan, we are offering 10% off the diet right now, and it reduces the cost of our already low priced diet program. The money that you spend on our program is well worth it; you may be able to prevent numerous chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes just by trying our three week or six week HCG program, and it may save you thousands of dollars on medical costs in the future. With the current promotion you can receive a full medical supervised HCG Weight Loss at a very low price compared to what you would have to pay locally at a clinic, and you can be sure that the quality and the effectiveness of the diet will be the same with our extensive experience administering the diet. Don’t wait any longer and lose the weight that you’ve always dreamed about losing, and start with a round of the HCG diet today to see how amazingly fast it really can work!

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HCG Diet Phase 2 Recipes – Spinach Stuffed Chicken

This spinach stuffed chicken recipe is fairly easy to make and turns out to be quite delicious, and will help you stay full during the day. You can also easily scale this recipe up for multiple servings. Before you start Phase 2 of the HCG diet you will want to have as many recipes as you can available, and if you love spinach this is the perfect recipe to try out. If you have time it is a good idea to experiment with different recipes before you start the diet so that you can plan your meals out throughout the three or six week VLCD, but it isn’t totally necessary.

This recipe is for 2 servings of chicken, but you can scale it up and down as needed, and it will last for about 2 days in a sealed container in the refrigerator.


  • 200 grams of boneless, skinless chicken breast, pounded thin
  • 2 cups of spinach leaves
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • ½ tsp. onion powder
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375 F.
  2. Add cold water to a large bowl and add spinach to the bowl and wash the leaves and drain the water. Repeat until you find no debris in the water.
  3. Add a few inches of water and bring to a boil in a sauce pan that can fit a steaming basket.
  4. Reduce heat to maintain a simmer and add spinach into steamer.
  5. Cook for about 2-3 minutes until spinach is wilted.
  6. Remove, allow to cool and strain out excess liquid by squeezing.
  7. Season with minced garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.
  8. Season both sides of chicken breast with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.
  9. Add about two tablespoons of wilted spinach mixture into each thin chicken breast.
  10. Save extra spinach.
  11. Roll up the chicken to enclose the spinach mixture, and use a toothpick to secure it.
  12. Put chicken breasts in a shallow baking dish.
  13. Bake for about 20 minutes uncovered or until chicken is cooked through.
  14. Serve with any extra spinach as a side dish.

Servings: 2

Calories per Serving: 184

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Is the HCG Diet Illegal?

is-the-hcg-diet-illegalBecause of the recent FDA ruling that made it illegal to sell over the counter HCG products, some people have wondered whether or not the diet itself is illegal. The HCG diet is not actually illegal in any way as long as the hormone is prescribed by a medical doctor and the diet is overseen by a licensed medical provider, but even after the FDA ruling there have been several retailers that continue to sell the hormone without a prescription. This is usually the main cause of confusion among people who are interested in trying the diet, as there are now hundreds or maybe thousands of websites and unlicensed pharmacies that are selling HCG without a prescription. And, there are dozens of potential health concerns and risks for those who use those retailers to purchase HCG.

Over the counter HCG diet products (not the hormone itself) are illegal

It is important to differentiate the fact that HCG diet products, that is any product that includes HCG as an ingredient, either active or inactive, are illegal, but the hormone itself is not illegal. HCG is used for several different medical purposes including fertility treatments as well as diets, but there is no legitimate HCG diet provider that would prescribe or recommend an HCG diet product over the actual hormone itself. More specifically, “homeopathic” HCG diet products have been ruled to be illegal by the FDA, and before the ruling there were dozens of products that were available over the counter that claimed to contain HCG in them but may not have actually had any actual hormone in them. There were also pills that claimed to have HCG in them, but HCG cannot be absorbed through the stomach and those were also false claims, so the FDA felt it was necessary to crack down on these retailers and make their products illegal.

The FDA made it clear that very low calorie diets need medical supervision

In the FDA consumer update about HCG, they made it clear that very low calorie diets are not unsafe unless they are not medically supervised. Very low calorie diets like the HCG diet are regularly used to treat moderate to serious cases of obesity, but these diets require medical oversight in order to be completely safe. The major problem with the HCG diet is that people attempt the diet without medical supervision, which is a mistake because there is no very low calorie diet that can be safe without medical guidance. At clinics like Nu Image Medical, each patient is evaluated to ensure that the diet is completely safe before they try it, and this is the only way to guarantee that attempting the diet will be safe and that the hormone product will be safe as well.

Hormone products from unlicensed pharmacies can be dangerous

Another thing to consider is that hormone products from the pharmacies that continue to sell them even after the FDA ruling are even more dangerous than ever. These companies are continuing to defy the FDA ruling and are breaking the law by selling HCG products without a prescription, so most of these companies are located overseas. Patients in the U.S. who buy these products are putting themselves at risk and are jeopardizing their health because there is no oversight regarding the product quality and the ingredients used in the products. The label may claim to contain certain ingredients but the product may not actually contain those ingredients, or it may contain different ingredients, and there is no way for the patient to know what’s in it unless the product is laboratory tested.

Off label prescribed use of HCG is perfectly legal

The main thing to remember is that off label use of HCG as a part of a very low calorie diet is legal as long as the hormone is prescribed by a licensed medical provider. The FDA also mentioned this in its consumer update, and the purpose of making HCG products illegal was not to make the off label use of the hormone illegal; it was to combat the thousands of fake products that were available online and elsewhere. Patients were even experiencing strange side effects from these low quality products and there were some negative stories from people who tried these products. There have been no cases of serious side effect or harmful long term effects from people who have tried the HCG diet under medical supervision, and the stories that you may have heard about are mostly from patients who tried the diet on their own by purchasing illegal hormone products.

Homeopathic products cannot contain HCG

The Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States has a list of ingredients that can be used in homeopathic remedies, and HCG is not included on that list. That means if you find any product labeled homeopathic and that lists HCG in the ingredient list, it should be avoided. There is also no evidence that any type of homeopathic product is effective for any medical purpose, as most of these products are diluted to the point where there are only a few molecules of an active ingredient in them, if there is any at all. Companies that continue to sell HCG homeopathic products are taking a major risk and face both civil and criminal action if they are caught, and if anyone has a homeopathic HCG product they should discontinue using it and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Don’t try to save money with online unlicensed pharmacies

You may be tempted to purchase HCG from an online pharmacy that doesn’t require a prescription for the hormone, but the savings are actually quite minimal because there are providers like Nu Image Medical that sell the full diet, medical consultation and hormone at a low cost compared to an actual clinic. Online pharmacies that sell HCG without a prescription often do not actually provide you with a useable product, and it is often dangerous to use these products simply because you don’t know what is actually in them. Also remember that a very low calorie diet will work to some extent no matter what type of hormone product that you use, simply because of the fact that you will have a calorie deficit, but real, pharmaceutical grade HCG will make the diet much easier on your body as well as safer, but other products cannot provide that same level of safety at all.

Don’t be afraid to try the HCG diet

If you need to lose weight, you shouldn’t be afraid to try the HCG diet because of the fact that certain HCG diet products are illegal. Remember that the FDA was only targeting companies that were selling homeopathic HCG products and products that claimed to contain HCG in them without a medical prescription, not medical providers and clinics that prescribed the HCG diet. The diet still is one of the best, fastest and safest ways to lose a large amount of weight, and it is even far safer than many of the dangerous prescription drugs, surgery and other obesity treatments that are available as “mainstream” methods of weight control. You should simply avoid any company that offers you the ability to buy HCG without a medical consultation or that continues to sell any type of homeopathic HCG product. If you are interested in purchasing HCG from a licensed medical facility at an affordable cost now, click here to speak to a representative at Nu Image Medical today.

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Is The HCG Diet Bad For You?

is-the-hcg-diet-bad-for-youThe HCG diet isn’t dangerous, but there are some people who have the misconception that it potentially is dangerous either in the short or long term. Some hesitate to start the diet out of a fear of health consequences or because of the fact that the diet isn’t sustainable, but the key thing to remember is that the HCG diet is designed to lose weight as quickly and safely as possible, and that it was never meant to be a sustainable diet. The diet is purposely limited to a maximum of six weeks for several reasons which we will discuss in this article, and if you are in the fence you should keep in mind that no one has been harmed or suffered any long term health consequences from trying the HCG diet under medical supervision.

The diet is limited to six weeks because it is a VLCD (very low calorie diet)

The main reason why the diet is limited to six weeks at a maximum is because it is a very low calorie diet, where you are not eating any more than 500 kcal per day. This may seem a bit extreme, but the six week diet is not recommended for everyone. Many people can benefit from the three week diet instead, and the six week diet is only recommended for people who have more than 15 pounds of body fat to lose. Otherwise, the three week diet is perfectly acceptable.

There is no evidence that either the three week or six week diet are dangerous at all; there have been thousands of patients that have completed both diets and have not suffered any health consequences. As a matter of fact, patients who manage to complete the six week diet without cheating end up losing a huge amount of weight which is often life changing, and often see the reversal of many obesity symptoms.

The side effects of the hormone are mild

It is not accurate to say that there are no side effects of the HCG hormone, but the side effects are quite mild and most of them dissipate within a week or so. As the body switches into a ketogenic state, there can be several side effects and mild symptoms such as cramping, headaches, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, and cold-like symptoms. Nausea and skin rashes are rarer, and rashes can develop due to a release of built up toxins that can be stored in fat. To counteract this, a supplement like chlorella may be advisable, or a detox can also be recommended prior to starting the loading days. Patients who are interested in a colon cleanse or other detox should consult this with their medical provider prior to starting the diet, and Nu Image Medical offers a detox product that can be used with the diet.

HCG side effects vary between men and women

Side effects of HCG vary between sexes as well. Women may experience symptoms like water weight gain, a feeling of irritability, breast tenderness, and headaches. Women should also keep in mind that they may be more fertile while injecting the hormone. Men may experience some of the same symptoms such as headaches and irritability, but women more commonly get water retention. Water retention can be treated with sufficient hydration and by avoiding high sodium foods during the diet, and all of these symptoms generally resolve themselves within a few days. Nu Image Medical offers medical supervision during the first week of the diet for patients so that they can communicate any concerns about symptoms directly to their medical provider, and in most cases any symptoms will be mild and manageable.

Regardless of the short term side effects, there are no long term dangers

The HCG diet has existed for over six decades and during this long period of time there have been no serious injuries from the diet. Tens of thousands of patients have used the HCG diet without any health problems whatsoever, and in actuality those patients have almost always benefitted from the dramatic weight loss results that they achieve with the diet. The diet is often a breakthrough in weight loss for people who have tried other methods without much success, and the success rate of the diet is one of the best if not the best. The short term side effects resolve themselves as the body can quickly adjust to the hormone, and with high quality prescribed hormone injections or drops the diet is one of the absolute best ways to lose weight rapidly.

HCG is regularly used as a fertility treatment

HCG is approved by the FDA for use as a fertility treatment for both men and women, and it is even prescribed to children with hypogonadism. The hormone is prescribed at much higher doses than what is prescribed for the diet, and it is often prescribed for a much longer period of time than the six week diet. HCG can assist females with ovulation and it can increase sperm production for men, and it can also improve libido and energy levels for both men and women. If the hormone was in any way dangerous to use in the short term or long term, there is no way that the FDA would approve it for this purpose, and the fact that it is commonly used for fertility treatments should be reassuring to anyone who is considering the diet.

The very low calorie diet is safe

The 500 kcal per day diet may seem like it is a bit extreme, but it is actually quite safe on the HGC diet. If you purchase the diet from a clinic like Nu Image Medical you will receive a full medical evaluation at the start of the diet to ensure that it is safe for you. If any adjustments need to be made for the diet your medical provider will discuss that with you upfront, or another weight loss method will be recommended if necessary. You will never be approved for the diet if it is unsafe for you for any reason at all, but the vast majority of people will be approved for it.

The quality of the hormone does matter

Although the diet is safe, the quality of the hormone product definitely matters. A prescription for HCG that has been issued from a legitimate clinic or medical professional is always going to be safe for a person because a licensed medical provider will always perform a medical prescreen to ensure that the diet is safe for the patient. The do-it-yourselfers who buy hormones online from overseas sources or retailers that sell products that claim to have HCG in them are taking a major risk because the ingredients in those products are potentially dangerous, and there certainly can be adverse health consequences from using a product that doesn’t have HCG in it or a harmful ingredient. The only safe way to try the diet is by obtaining a prescription from a licensed medical provider; that will guarantee that the hormone is pure and safe for injection and that there won’t be any health consequences.

Obesity is dangerous

The reality is that obesity is more dangerous than anything, and the longer that you carry excess body fat the more likely you are to develop serious potential health conditions. The HCG diet may seem like it is drastic, but it really isn’t, it was carefully and almost perfectly designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1960s and hasn’t needed very many updates since then. The diet was created as a solution for people who didn’t have any success with their other attempts at weight loss, and it has worked for decades to help people improve their lives and reduce their body fat without long term health consequences.

If you have any questions at all about the HCG diet, its side effects, or if have any concerns about it at all, talk to one of the experienced medical professionals at Nu Image Medical today to have your questions answered.

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Tips for the HCG Diet Loading Days


During the first two days of the HCG diet, you are instructed (by most protocols) to eat as many high fat foods as possible. Some protocols allow dieters to eat junk foods and processed foods, but most sensible protocols will advise you to eat natural sources of fat. Gorging is more focused on eating foods that are high in fat rather than foods that are high in carbs or protein. Gorging is only performed for two days in most cases, and three days in some cases, and the gorging may be preceded by a colon cleanse to help the body prepare for the diet and to eliminate toxins and the buildup of unhealthy bacteria in the colon. Again, the purpose of gorging isn’t to eat as many unhealthy foods as possible (a common misconception); it is intended to help the body prepare for the diet and to use natural organic foods as sources of reserve fat.

An overview of why HCG diet gorging is important

The gorging days on the HCG diet are important because you need to prepare your body for the diet and build up your reserve fat levels. Reserve fat levels can decline several different ways such as your diet and through exercise, but gorging can help you restore these important fat levels. Reserve fat is necessary for the hormone to work properly; if you don’t have the proper reserve fat levels the hormone may not specifically target abnormal fat. Gorging also makes the first week of the diet much more manageable as you switch to a very low calorie diet, and if you skip the first few gorging days you will notice that the diet is much more difficult.

Be sure to take HCG during the loading days

During the loading days of the HCG diet you need to continue to take injections of the HCG hormone as advised by your medical provider. Another one of the main purposes of the loading days is to help your body adjust to the hormone, and if you neglect injecting HCG during the loading days your body won’t have the opportunity to do so. By taking HCG during the loading days, it will give the hormone the ability to start targeting abnormal fat and once you drop down in calories for the very low calorie diet portion you will already be metabolizing abnormal fat. The loading days helps “unlock” the abnormal fat for metabolism, and you should take no more or less than the amount recommended by your medical provider for the most benefit. Also, be sure to ask your medical provider if you have any questions at all about how to inject the hormone properly.

Stick to natural sources of fat

Natural sources of fat are highly recommended for the first two loading days of the diet instead of processed foods or processed vegetable oils. Consuming vegetable oils or processed oils can even have a detrimental impact on your weight loss because of their negative effects on fat metabolism and your health. During the loading days is usually no specific limit on the number of calories that you should eat, but you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Just eat more than what you’re used to and stick to natural fatty foods like avocados, full fat dairy products like cheese, butter and yogurt, nuts, nut butters, olive and coconut oil, eggs, and fatty fish. Also avoid eating high sodium foods, and if you have any dietary concerns be sure to bring them up to your medical doctor. Don’t start eating a bunch of fatty desserts or foods that are high in vegetable oil or potentially harmful oils like soybean, cottonseed oil, fake butters and margarine, or safflower oil; it is healthy sources of fat that you want to use as reserve fuel for when you are on the diet

Don’t eat too many carbs

The point of the loading days is to restore reserve fat levels so that the first week of the diet is easier, so you don’t want to eat too many carbohydrate rich foods. You will likely gain a few pounds during the first few loading days, but you may gain even more weight if you eat a bunch of carbs as well. Carbs can always lead to fast weight gain and although you will lose the weight that you put on almost regardless, if you are really trying to get the most out of the diet you should stick to high fat natural foods. You can expect to gain about three to six pounds no matter what, and some of that weight may be water weight if you eat a bunch of high sodium foods.

Be sure to get enough fiber

During the two loading days it can be easy to neglect fiber intake, so be sure that you are eating foods with fiber along with the high fat foods that you need to eat. Basically if you eat enough vegetables and fruit during the loading days, your fiber intake should be adequate, but you might even consider taking a natural fiber supplement. A few salads during the loading days are another option for fiber, and you should also be sure to increase your water intake to help with digestion and to avoid water retention. A detox is often recommended as well prior to starting the loading days, and a detox can definitely help with digestion and to prepare your body for the diet, but a detox should only be performed under the supervision of a medical provider.

Skipping the loading days can make the diet much more difficult

HCG has a wide range of different effects on the body, many of which are still being studied, but it is known that the hormone helps improve fat metabolism and many medical professionals believe that it needs to be injected for a few days prior to any diet protocol. Informal studies and clinical observations have shown that HCG is more effective for weight loss when it is injected for a few days prior to the start of the diet. Patients who start the diet without loading often do not lose as much weight during the first week of the diet, and they may suffer from unnecessary hunger and other side effects that the hormone would otherwise reduce.

If you choose to skip the loading days, the diet can be much more difficult than necessary and the first week of the diet can be a lot more challenging. Loading helps you get started on the right foot and will help ensure a successful diet with minimal side effects. If you have any questions about the loading days or any other aspect of the diet, speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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