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Are There Different HCG Side Effects for Males?

are there different hcg side effects for males 300x217 Are There Different HCG Side Effects for Males?Some people who are interested in the HCG diet have expressed concern that there may be different HCG side effects for males compared to women, since the hormone is produced only during pregnancy. The truth is that the hormone is perfectly safe for both men and women to use as a dietary supplement as long as it has been prescribed and the person has been screened for the diet and for use of the hormone. There are no different side effects for males, and there are no concerns about sexual side effects or any other major side effects at the very low dose that is used for the diet of about 150 to 200 IU per day maximum. It has been proven to be a safe and useful weight loss aid for men.

HCG may have several positive side effects for men

The hormone actually has several potentially positive effects for men, one of them being increased testosterone production. HCG therapy is sometimes used by medical providers as a way to naturally increase testosterone levels. The hormone is similar to luteinizing hormone (LH) which is produced naturally in both men and women. In males, LH stimulates the production of testosterone in the Leydig cells. Since it has a similar effect as LH, it boosts testosterone production for men naturally and it may also increase sperm counts, making it an effective fertility treatment. It is sometimes used by bodybuilders to restore normal testosterone levels, and it may have use for anti-aging treatments.

It can be used as a fertility treatment for men

Although the hormone is not normally used as a main fertility treatment for men it most definitely can be used in some cases, and some medical clinics actually prefer to use it as a main fertility treatment. Since it increases sperm and testosterone production, it may also increase libido and improve fertility for men. Some clinics will use the hormone in conjunction with other fertility treatments, or HCG may be used by itself as a main fertility treatment. The results are usually positive; most men experience a positive effect in their libido, energy levels, and in most cases their testosterone levels will increase a little when they start taking HCG on a regular basis for a brief period of time.

The HCG diet can help men reset their hormones

The resulting natural testosterone boost can have a positive effect on mood and increase energy levels. The human chorionic gonadotropin diet is one of the best diets for men to reduce obesity and get to a normal body fat percentage. Many men who have a weight issue have a disrupted hormone balance. They usually have very high estrogen levels (for a male) and relatively low testosterone levels. This is because body fat actually influences the production of hormones in the body, and low testosterone levels can certainly be one of the causes for weight gain and muscle loss.

Men who take human chorionic gonadotropin, particularly while on the HCG diet, can reset their natural hormone levels, because a reduction in body fat almost always results in increased testosterone production for men. The hormone itself increases testosterone as well. Men who believe that they may have a hormone deficiency should get a blood hormone test before and after the diet and notice if there are any chances, and also making dietary changes such as avoiding processed foods and carbohydrates is important for maintaining healthy hormone levels.

The hormone is only used for a brief period of time

It is not clear whether or not the hormone should be used for an extended period of time, but it is likely to be safe to do so, since there have been no problems with the short term use of the hormone. The vast majority if not all of the medically approved uses of the hormone, including the diet, involve using it for a brief period of time and for no longer than two months. Long term use of the hormone is usually not recommended, and the same holds true for many different hormone therapies including testosterone, estrogen and human growth hormone. The most important consideration when it comes to the safety of the treatment is the quality of the hormone and the oversight of licensed medical professionals.

The hormone results in fast weight loss for both men and women

Men and women both experience the same type of rapid weight loss when they use the hormone in conjunction with a medically supervised low calorie diet. The weight loss occurs at the same rate for both men and women and up to seven pounds of body fat may be lost per week on the diet. The calorie limits are also the same for both men and women, and the hormone metabolizes fat at the same speed. Up to 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day of abnormal body fat may be burned for energy, and even though men may have higher caloric requirements, the hormone ensures that their energy needs are fully met while they are on the very low calorie diet.

Side effects during the first week are the same for men and women

There are a few side effects from the diet during the first week of the diet, but these side effects are not due to the hormone, instead they are the result of the body switching to a fat burning metabolic state. The side effects may also be the result of the detoxification effect that the diet has. Some of the side effects may include fatigue, dizziness, cramps, headaches, nausea, and cold-like symptoms, but these side effects will go away within a few days or sooner, and will subside around the end of the first week on the diet. Side effects that last longer than this should be reported to the medical professional overseeing the diet, but the vast majority of people will not experience side effects for longer than a few days.Many side effects on the diet are beneficial

Aside from a few negative side effects that may occur during the first week and often never occur at all, there are several positive side effects that both men and women usually experience. During the first week of the diet many people will experience a boost in energy levels and a higher level of mental clarity than before. The energy level boost may result from the release of toxins and by reverting to a more natural diet. The body’s natural fat metabolism is also boosted throughout the diet, and this effect will maintain itself after the diet is over, provided that the critical Phase 3 of the diet is completed correctly and that the transition back to a “normal diet” is done properly (avoiding grains, sugars, and starches).


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Which is More Important – Low Carb or Low Fat?

low carb or low fat 300x199 Which is More Important – Low Carb or Low Fat?There is a lot of confusion regarding whether it is more important to reduce carb intake or fat intake. For one, both types of diets are commonly recommended by nutritionists, but it is usually one or the other that is recommended. The HCG diet in particular is both low carb and low fat because it is low calorie, and it almost completely avoids fat altogether with its food choices. The HCG diet does not eliminate fat because it is necessarily bad; it is only eliminated so that it does not interfere with the hormone. Once Phase 3 of the diet is reached and the hormone is no longer being used, natural oils such as olive and coconut oil can be used in cooking.

Low fat diets are not effective

Diets that only restrict fat consumption but allow dieters to eat a large amount of carbohydrates each day are not effective for weight loss. Carbohydrates are converted to fat because as soon as they are eaten, insulin is released, and any excess glucose in the bloodstream from the carbohydrate meal is converted into fat or stored in the body’s fat and muscle cells. Insulin causes glucose to be converted into glycogen, a ready source of fuel, but only a limited amount of glucose can be converted into glycogen. When these insulin spikes occur on a regular basis they lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, and a host of other health problems. Therefore, low fat diets alone are not the solution for weight loss.

Low carb diets are effective at reversing disease

The HCG diet is a low carbohydrate diet because it limits its carbohydrates only to natural sources, and the carbohydrate intake is low enough to create ketosis, or the metabolic state where fat is burned as a primary source of energy. The diet completely avoids starches and grains, two of the largest source of carbohydrates and calories in the standard American diet. By getting rid of two of the biggest culprits for weight gain, the HCG diet can potentially reverse many of the effects of a high carbohydrate intake such as high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and diabetic symptoms, and more. Being a low fat diet as well, it results in a large amount of weight loss.

Low carbohydrate diets have better health benefits than low fat diets

One study found that low carbohydrate diets resulted in more weight loss, a greater reduction in cholesterol levels, and a greater reduction in triglyceride levels compared to low fat diets over a year. On average, dieters on the low carb diet lost 8 pounds more than the low fat diet participants. Although some dietitians believe that low carbohydrate diets are risky the opposite is true, they are effective when they are properly administered and monitored, and diets like the human chorionic gonadotropin diet have proven to result in a significant amount of weight loss in just a matter of weeks, as well as lowered triglyceride and cholesterol levels in many cases.

Exercise is not possible on reduced carbohydrate diets

One thing to keep in mind is that any diet that restricts carbohydrates will result in diet participants not being able to exercise. Carbohydrates are used for muscle fuel and when they are restricted a person will easily fatigue during strenuous exercise. The rule holds true for diets like the HCG diet which is both low fat and low carb, as well as low calorie. Exercise must usually be limited to only mild forms of exercise. Also, most medical professionals and dieticians advise to never restrict calorie intake or carbohydrate intake for too long of a period of time, as there can be both short term and long term health consequences.

Low carb diets aren’t always low carb

Not every diet that claims to be low carb is actually low carb. For example, there are some diets that allow you to eat as many grams of fiber as you want, or as many fruits and vegetables as you want without considering the fact that many of them are high in carbohydrates in spite of their other health benefits. Diets that are not very precise and give only general rules about what a person should eat are usually not effective at all because there is too much room for error. It is easy to eat over 100 grams of carbohydrates per day when you are allowed to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want and the quantity is not limited.

Research proves that low carb is better

In spite of some of the problems you may run into with some of the diets out there, there is no doubt that a reduced carbohydrate diet is far better and more important for your health than a low fat diet, and several clinical studies have confirmed this. Fat from natural sources such as extra virgin olive oil or the fats found in nuts are actually beneficial for your health, as they have large amounts of monounsaturated fats which are known to reduce your risk of cardiovascular illnesses while improving heart health. You should never assume that all fats are bad, and the same goes for carbohydrates, but as a general rule you should limit carbohydrates in your diet, particularly from sources such as grains, sugar, processed foods, and starch, as these carbohydrates are broken down quickly and readily stored as fat.

Some carbs are good

Having a small amount of carbohydrate intake every day is both necessary and important. Carbohydrates are used by the body as a source of energy and a low carbohydrate intake over a long period of time can result in hormone imbalances, a slowed metabolism and a host of other problems. Essentially, anyone who is considering trying out a reduced carbohydrate or reduced calorie diet needs to consult with a medical professional prior to starting the diet. A medically supervised diet can be a safe way to lose weight, but the proper carbohydrate intake needs to be maintained throughout the diet, and the foods allowed on the diet need to be specified.

Try the HCG diet to guarantee weight loss

The HCG diet is unique because it is one of the only diets that excludes certain foods and specifies a list of foods, and also gives specific instructions on the amount of each type of food that should be eaten every day. This type of diet is perfect for those who are looking to lose weight because there is no room for any error; if the diet protocol is followed correctly it will result in weight loss as it has for thousands of people in the past. There is a strict limit on calories and both carbohydrates and fat are restricted, with fat being more restricted than carb intake. The creator of the diet, Dr A.T.W. Simeons knew that low grain and starch intake was important for weight loss, and the diet restricts these foods purposely. For more information on how the HCG diet can help you lose weight quickly, click here.

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How to Break Out of a Plateau on the HCG Diet

how to break out of a pleateau on the hcg diet 300x200 How to Break Out of a Plateau on the HCG DietSeveral HCG dieters run into a plateau while on the diet, and plateaus are a common problem, but there are several ways to deal with them. Almost always, during the first week or two of the diet you will lose weight rapidly, and some of that weight loss can be attributed to water weight, but much of it will be fat loss. The weight loss can start to tail off a little, but you should not be surprised by this, and there are several things you can do.

If the speed of your weight loss decreases, you may not necessarily be in a plateau

First of all, if you notice that the rate of weight loss starts to decline, you shouldn’t assume that you have hit a plateau. If the weight loss stabilizes and you stay at the same weight for three to four days, you may be in a plateau. If you do nothing at all you will still likely break out of it, but the standard plateau breakers will help you break out of it faster. So, monitor your weight carefully and don’t make an assumption that you’ve hit a plateau if your weight loss drops off for just a day or two.

Try an apple or steak day

There are two plateau breakers which have described previously on this blog, and they should be mentioned briefly, but there are more details given to you when you purchase the diet program from Nu Image Medical. The apple day involves eating six green apples and nothing else for one day. The steak day which is used in Phase 3 when there is weight gain involves eating a large steak for dinner, one green apple which can be eaten at any time during the day, and a large amount of water. Both of these plateau breakers may work for you, and if one doesn’t work you should try the other plateau breaker the next day.

Look carefully at your diet

If the plateau breakers aren’t working, or if you hit another slowdown in your weight loss, you should carefully examine your diet and make sure that you aren’t eating anything that isn’t allowed by the protocol. It is fairly easy to slip up and eat something that isn’t allowable because the diet protocol is quite strict and limiting. Just a snack or a small meal with foods that are prohibited during Phase 2 can have a major impact on your weight loss. If you aren’t cooking every meal at home using only the specific ingredients allowed in the diet protocol you should try this, and make sure that everything you eat is an allowable food including the seasonings that you use.

Be careful of artificially sweetened drinks

You also need to be careful with drinks and condiments. Drinks that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners are not allowable on the diet, and they really shouldn’t ever be consumed at any time because of their widely known negative health effects. Sucralose, aspartame, ace-k and other sweeteners can throw your metabolism off entirely, and some of them are thought to have serious effects on the body including neurological side effects and increased insulin resistance. Don’t assume that zero calorie drinks are okay to use on the diet; even though they won’t add to your calorie total they can definitely affect your body’s biochemistry and metabolism.

Don’t use any disallowed condiments

Condiments and seasonings are one way that the diet can be thrown off. Most salad dressings, mayonnaise, condiments with sugar, honey, or high fructose corn syrup are all disallowed on the diet and can definitely cause a reduction in weight loss. Always stick only to the seasonings allowed on the diet, and thankfully there are a wide range of seasonings that you can use. There are also several recipes for salad dressings and different meat seasonings that you can use. You may have to spend a little extra time coming up with these custom made seasonings, but it is worth it because they won’t affect your weight loss, and you’ll get the most results from the diet.

Try to use organic protein sources

The quality of your protein sources can certainly have an effect on your body. Meat produced with antibiotics and hormones may have an impact on your weight loss. Hormone in meat can interfere with HCG, which is a hormone as you know, and they can have potentially serious effects if they are eaten on a regular basis. If you can’t find clean sources of chicken try to stick to some of the seafood choices, and avoid farm raised fish.

Also, be sure that the protein you are using is allowed on the diet, for instance not every type of red meat is allowable, and many types of red meat are high in fat and will throw the diet off dramatically. Be very careful with your protein selections, and it is worth the extra money to purchase organic/antibiotic free/hormone free whenever possible.

Get enough sleep every night

Your body needs adequate sleep to recover even though many people don’t get enough of it, and if you find that you aren’t getting enough sleep it can definitely impact your weight loss on the diet. If you are staying away too long you may be eating too much without even realizing it, as many people need to consume extra calories in order to stay awake.

Sleeping restores the normal biochemical balance of your body, and if you neglect getting enough sleep it can have many negative consequences on your overall health and well-being. You don’t need to exercise on the HCG diet but you definitely need to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep at minimum, and the amount of sleep that you need depends on the person.

Add apple cider vinegar to your daily routine

Drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (we recommend Bragg’s raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar) every day can have a metabolism boosting effect, and you can consume apple cider vinegar liberally on the diet. You can add the vinegar to water or add it to salads or your vegetables along with other seasonings, but try to be consistent and drink two tablespoons every day. Drink the vinegar all at once rather than spread out throughout the day because it can have an effect on tooth enamel.

If you have difficulties and don’t know what to do, contact Nu Image Medical

When you purchase our diet program, you can contact our medical professionals throughout the diet for support, and you get unlimited support during the first seven days of the diet. If you run into any difficulties at all or plateaus, and your efforts don’t work, we have medical professionals who can help you get back on track. Contact Nu Image Medical today for more information on how we can help you through your HCG diet.

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Are Variations of the HCG Diet Safe?

are variations of the hcg diet safe 300x225 Are Variations of the HCG Diet Safe?Recently several variations of the HCG diet have been released both by medical professionals and non-professionals on various websites. The original diet was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950s and has been safely used since then by many medical professionals and clinics that continue to offer the diet. His protocol was developed after years of clinical experience with the diet, and it has proven to be both safe and effective. Any variations that have been developed since he founded the diet have not been widely accepted, at least as widely accepted as the original diet continues to be.

Variations of the HCG diet may be dangerous

The problem with variations is that they have not been tested as extensively as the original diet, and there is always a chance of a potentially dangerous modification if the company or person making the changes don’t have medical training. The original diet has been used for decades and hundreds of thousands of people have used it to lose weight without any health problems. Some physicians have released variations of the diet as they may administer it with their own medical practice. These variations are unlikely to be dangerous because they are created by medical professionals, and usually only have minor variations.

For instance, a few variations of the diets online make exceptions for certain foods that are normally banned from the diet by the original protocol. Other variations allow for the use of lotion and cosmetics with oils. These variations are not likely to be dangerous, but they may definitely interfere with the diet’s effectiveness.

Diet variations may result in less weight loss

The main problem with diet variations is that they can cause less weight loss than the normal diet. Variations haven’t been tested extensively and although some medical professionals think that certain parts of the diet are not necessary, the original protocol has been used the most since the diet was founded and is known to result in weight loss of 1/5th of a pound to 1 pound per day.

Some diet variations reduce the length of time for the diet. This will definitely result in less weight loss because the original diet is either a three week or six week diet. The three week diet can result in weight loss of up to 23 pounds over a 23 day period, while the six week diet can result in 43 pounds of weight loss over 43 days. Shorter variations of the diet simply won’t have those same potential results. The reason why some shorten the diet is to make it more manageable, but the HCG hormone itself is used to make the diet easier and shortening the diet is never necessary.

There are even longer variations of the diet that extend past six weeks. These variations are definitely not safe and the diet was limited to six weeks maximum because that was the safest length of time based on Dr. Simeons’ clinical research. The six week diet has been used countless times without adverse health problems, but any length of time longer than six weeks has not been studied.

Also, Dr. Simeons limited the length of time to six weeks to avoid hormone resistance. The body can develop resistance to HCG and it is possible for the hormone’s efficiency at fat metabolism can decrease substantially. After the six week diet there is a waiting period of at least six weeks before it can be resumed again so that any HCG immunity is eliminated.

Variations of the diet should be minor

It is clear that the original diet protocol is the best option available, and Nu Image Medical uses the original diet protocol in the exact way that Dr. Simeons intended, with a few updates to modernize the diet and helpful supplementary information. If there are any variations of the diet that are made by a dieter on their own, they should be very minor and made only with the approval of a medical professional. For instance, some dieters request to increase their protein servings from 3.5 ounces to a little higher during each meal as a way to ward off hunger for longer periods of time.

Variations such as this may be approved by a medical professional at Nu Image Medical because there are some dieters that may have physically intensive jobs and require more calories or protein with their diet. These types of diet adjustments are quite common, and they do not deviate substantially from the original protocol. As long as the medical provider making the adjustments is experienced with the diet and has the credentials to make those adjustments it should be entirely safe for the dieter. Unfortunately, there are plenty of diets online that have been developed from the original protocol that were not reviewed by any medical professional, and these diets should be avoided because of their potential health dangers.

The HCG diet is carefully structured

One of the unique aspects of the human chorionic gonadotropin diet is that it is carefully structured and every detail of the diet must be followed for the maximum weight loss to occur. There are many details to the protocol compared to other diets, and sometimes dieters find that it is slightly burdensome to learn these requirements. But, the time spent on learning them is well worth it because every detail included in the diet makes the weight loss more effective.

For instance, the list of vegetables and proteins that Dr. Simeons came up with are known to not interfere with the diet. Some variations of the diet change this list and include new vegetables and proteins, and since these additions have not been tested there is no way to know if they are reducing the hormone’s effectiveness. Other variations allow for vegetable mixing or higher calorie limits, both of which were forbidden by the original protocol. The 500 calorie limit is sufficient for nearly everyone and is rarely adjusted because the rest of the required calories are provided by fat metabolism.

If you are not sure about a particular diet variation it is better to be on the safe side with this diet and use a provider like Nu Image Medical that has educated medical professionals and physicians overseeing the program. You can rest assured that our HCG diet program is careful to follow the original protocol and that it will work for you safely. There is no reason to alter anything about the diet, and if you have a particular concern about something such as the food choices or calorie limits, you should speak to a medical professional to see what options you have. To speak with a medical professional at Nu Image Medical now about the diet or to ask any questions, click here.

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Is the HCG Diet a Cure for Obesity?

Obesity continues to be a significant medical problem in the United States with obesity rates doubling since the 1is the hcg diet a cure for obesity 300x199 Is the HCG Diet a Cure for Obesity?970s for both children and adults. It remains one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Over two thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and obesity rates are higher for certain groups and demographics. There are higher obesity rates in the South and Midwest United States and the heaviest people from the obese demographic have become even heavier in the past ten years. Obesity leads to chronic health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and is associated with a greater risk of some forms of cancer.

The obesity range is determined by weight and height

Obesity ranges are determined based on a person’s height and weight, which are both used to calculate BMI. Those with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 are overweight, and adults with a BMI of 30 or higher are obese. The HCG diet was designed to directly address the root causes of obesity. For an adult who is 5’9’’ a normal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, or 125 lbs to 169 lbs. Generally, a person who is obese has a body weight that is 20% higher than what it should be.

Obesity leads to several different health problems. One of the most significant problems it can lead to issues such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, arthritis, sleep apnea and several other health problems. As a person’s body mass index increases they have an increased risk of developing coronary artery disease. A substance called plaque starts to build up inside of the arteries as weight increases, and these plaques cause a narrowing in in the arteries that carry blood to the heart. This can result in several symptoms such as chest pain and can cause a heart attack if the artery is completely blocked.

High blood pressure results from the force of the blood being pressed against the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure can cause chronic problems in the body such as heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and more. Those who are obese have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, and it is important for nearly everyone to get their blood pressure checked during every physical to ensure that it is at a normal level. Other illnesses like stroke and metabolic syndrome are tied to obesity, having an apple shaped body, extra fat in the waist area, a high triglyceride level and many other health problems that result from obesity.

The HCG diet addresses obesity directly

The human chorionic gonadotropin diet addresses obesity directly because it specifically focuses on burning abnormal fat as much as possible. Abnormal fat was classified by the creator of the HCG diet, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, as any fat that is unnecessary for what the body needs to cushion tissues and for reserve energy. The diet focuses on burning this fat as quickly as possible, over a period of just three weeks, and it has sometimes incredible results depending on the person and how quickly they stick to the diet.

Although the diet restricts caloric intake substantially, down to just 500 calories per day, it is effective and it uses the hormone in order to compensate for the lower calorie intake. The hormone burns abnormal fat and “unlocks” it so that the body can use this fat as a fuel source. Those who complete one course of the diet usually find fat from their most stubborn parts of the body is lost, and this has to do with the fat unlocking effect of the hormone.

Obese patients have found that the diet is extremely effective and one of the best alternatives to gastric bypass surgery. This surgery has dozens of risks and can even result in death. A diet like the HCG hormone diet may seem a bit extreme with the calorie restriction, but no person has ever had serious health complications from this diet like they may have with gastric bypass surgery. The diet results in weight loss that is comparable to what gastric bypass surgery would provide without any surgery at all. Clearly if a person is making a decision on whether or not to try surgery they would benefit from trying the hormone diet for one round at the very least.

In many circumstances, the hormone diet can be highly effective at reducing obesity symptoms and even reversing some of the potential effects of obesity such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. The diet is very low in carbohydrates and eliminates sugar and starch completely for a long period of three weeks (at minimum). As a result, the body has time to heal and recover. Insulin sensitivity can return during this period of time, and it is thought that insulin resistance by the cells of the body are a primary cause of diabetes.

The diet can treat obesity at a relatively low cost

Without a doubt, the relatively low cost of the HCG diet compared to some of the alternative obesity treatments is well worth the money and effort. The diet at Nu Image Medical costs $297 for the three week diet, however a complicated procedure like a gastric bypass surgery will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even some of the other obesity treatments such as regular meetings with nutritionists, physician supervised weight loss, and behavior modification can add up to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Studies continue to show that the HCG diet is effective at decreasing weight and body fat. Many dieters lose up to one pound of abnormal body fat every day while on the diet, and nearly every dieter goes through massive body change during the diet. The hormone diet was carefully designed to be safe in spite of its rapid fat loss, and the diet is performed under medical supervision at most professional clinics. There are also thousands of testimonials from dieters who have experienced a massive amount of weight loss and major body transformations. For people who are in desperate need of a fast solution to help cure their obesity, there are few treatments like the human chorionic gonadotropin diet that can effectively and safely reduce a large amount of fat. Other diets lack the benefits that the hormone provides such as making abnormal fat more easily available to be burned as fuel and avoiding lean muscle loss.

Those who are on the diet are advised to consume a substantial amount of protein every day compared to the calorie total, and protein is consumed at both meals. The rest of the diet is mostly fruits and vegetables with the allowance of one small Grissini breadstick or Melba toast. These small carbohydrate allowance is not thought to affect the diet at all, however some dieters avoid eating these. Most of the modern protocols for the HCG hormone diet are based on Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ original diet protocol, but several have deviated from that clinically tested protocol.

If you are interested in going on the diet as a way to help reduce your weight, treat obesity, or simply reduce your body fat percentage, click here to speak to a representative at Nu Image Medical today.



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Getting Through the First Week of the HCG Diet

getting through the first week of the hcg diet 300x200 Getting Through the First Week of the HCG DietThe first week of the HCG diet is considered to be the most difficult part of the diet because of the challenges that some people go through when adjusting to the diet. The first week of the diet is administered and overseen by medical professionals at Nu Image Medical because once a person gets through the first week without any major problems, they are much more likely to get through the rest of the diet. The first week of the diet involves major changes to the metabolism that results in faster fat burning. The body’s metabolize also adjusts to the presence of the HCG hormone and fat begins breaking down at a much faster rate than normal.

The metabolism goes through several changes

During the first week of the diet the body goes through a number of different changes. First, as mentioned previously it starts to break down fat faster than it normally would, which may result in the release of toxins and other chemicals that can become stored in fat. This is which it is important to drink plenty of water during the first week of the diet, and why it is also recommended for many to do the colon cleanse during Phase 1 of the diet. The colon cleanse can prepare the patient for some of the toxins that may be released when they start losing weight. Eventually the body adjusts to the changes but the critical first week has its share of challenges.

Some people experience symptoms

Although it is rare, some people experience symptoms during the first week of the diet. Their symptoms may vary from mild to moderate. Some of the symptoms include cold like symptoms such as headache, fever, malaise (a general feeling of unease), sore throat and other symptoms that may make you feel like you are coming down with something. You may not be sick but your body may be convinced that you are and the effect is the same; you start to experience a wide range of different illness symptoms. The best way to avoid this is to follow the proper protocol with the diet.

You may need to meet with a medical professional

Having a medical professional to help you get through the early parts of the diet can be very effective because they will explain any unique medical circumstances to you in detail and ensure that you are fully aware of them before starting the diet. There are many different situations that can make the first week of the diet harder for some people, for instance some people may not be able to reduce their calorie intake to a low level without symptoms. Those people may be able to try a modified HCG diet or a different weight loss option. Most people can get through the first week without any issues and can maintain themselves on the VCLD for a minimum of 23 to 43 days without major side effects or health problems.

Be sure to prepare for the diet

Prior to starting the diet, you should have a detailed review of the diet protocol and be sure to ask your medical provider any questions that you have at all. You may need to prepare recipes and get food ready for the diet, and you may also have to go over the details of the diet before you feel adequately prepared. Remember that the protocol is not simple and there are several seemingly minor details that you must follow that can throw the diet off if you ignore them. Always be sure to follow the protocol thoroughly and ask questions before you change anything about it. Also, when you know the dietary requirements well you are less likely to break the protocol with an incorrect food choice.

Avoid exercise at all costs

You will probably hear it from your medical provider but you must avoid any form of exercise during the first week of the diet, even during the gorging days of the diet where you are eating as many different fatty foods as you can. You need to avoid it because exercise can throw your metabolism off almost entirely and can definitely affect your health negatively when you are on the VLCD. The low calorie intake does not accommodate any major physical activity, and exercise will be extremely difficult if you attempt it while dieting.

Drink enough water

You will be reminded of this as well, but you need to drink as much water as you can during the critical first week. Water will flush out toxins that are being released initially and it will help you stay hydrated as your body adjusts. You may experience some symptoms like an upset stomach and drinking plenty of water will help with those symptoms as well. It will help you stave off the hunger and feel fuller with every meal. There are plenty of other health benefits for drinking water so there is enough incentive, and you should try to drink spring water or water that has been adequately filtered, not just tap water.

Experiment with different recipes

Use your creativity to come up with original recipes and it doesn’t have to be extremely difficult to do this. Nu Image Medical provides you with several great recipes for the HCG diet that you can experiment with, and you should use the recipes that you are most likely to eat. Remember that you are doing this diet for yourself and you can adjust the recipes however you see fit, as long as you don’t deviate from the protocol.

There are several great recipes for dessert options that you can try, as well as snacks to stave off hunger. This blog also has several great tips for staying full on the diet including strategies on how to break your meals up, how to ensure that you have enough food at all times by cooking ahead of time and more.

Any time you aren’t sure about the diet or if you have any problems you can speak to one of the support staff at Nu Image Medical and they will be happy to give you advice and help you through any particular issue you are having. It is much easier to complete the diet when you have help to get through it, and once the first week is finished you will find that the rest of the diet is much easier. Nu Image Medical gives you a complete protocol that makes it easy to finish the diet, and with our leading customer support and medical expertise you are guaranteed to have the best dieting experience with us.

For more information on how to get started with the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical click here.

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How to Prevent HCG Diet Weight Gain

how to prevent hcg diet weight gain 300x225 How to Prevent HCG Diet Weight Gain

The steps you take to prevent weight gain on the HCG diet are very important because there is a risk of regaining weight after the diet has been completed. You don’t want to lose your hard earned results after the three week or six week very low calorie diet. Nu Image Medical provides you with a comprehensive diet that shows you how to prevent weight gain through the carefully designed Phase 3 of the diet. By following the dietary recommendations of Phase 3 properly, you can ensure that you don’t gain back the weight that you lost. The medical professionals at Nu Image Medical have carefully constructed Phase 3 of our HCG diet to prevent weight gain. You will be monitoring your weight while adding foods back into your diet and noting if there is any weight gain at all.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the maintenance phase

Don’t get overwhelmed by Phase 3 of the diet (the maintenance phase) and take it gradually. There are many details to follow that you will need to get acquainted with, and you should spend the time necessary to review those details prior to starting Phase 3 if you can. The more that you know about this phase of the HCG diet the easier that it will be. If you jump into this phase without properly researching it, you may not have enough experience and understanding to be successful with the requirements of this stage. You may also slip up and eat something you’re not supposed to.

Have a routine in place

Just like the VLCD phase of the diet, you will need to have a routine in place for the maintenance phase. Try to continue to cook your meals at home if at all possible, and avoid eating out. You should try to split your meals up into regular intervals and eat multiple meals each day if possible, as many do during the VLCD. Establish a routine that works well for you, for example you might find that it is easier for you to eat breakfast right when you wake up, while other people may need to wait a few hours to get hungry.

Avoid cheating as much as possible

Cheating will continue to be your worst enemy during the maintenance phase of the diet, and you should do everything you can to avoid it. If you cheat during the maintenance phase it can be just as detrimental as cheating during the VLCD because your metabolism will be negatively affected. When you are reintroducing foods into your diet based on the instructions of the protocol, and you avoid eating grains, sugars and starches, you will protect your metabolism and ensure that it operates properly. If you aren’t careful and start eating grains and starches too soon, you can easily regain much of the weight that you lost, and it weight regain happens very quickly. To avoid this, be sure to continue to follow the protocol to the best of your ability, at least for the three weeks of Phase 3.

Start exercising

Exercise will be a part of your life that you can start implementing during Phase 3 of the diet. With regular exercise you will maintain your weight loss results and you will feel better as well. There are several different types of exercise that will help you maintain your weight loss, and there is no particular program that stands out as being more effective for weight loss maintenance. It simply depends on your goals, if you are trying to increase your muscle mass you may prefer a more difficult exercise routine while light exercise may be better for those who aren’t as concerned muscle gain. The main thing is to be consistent with your exercise routine and try to work out at least two to three times per week.

Increase your calories during Phase 3

It is very important to increase you calories during Phase 3 to your LDW (last dose weight) maintenance. Before you start the diet, your medical professional at Nu Image Medical will consult with you and help you determine the proper caloric intake for your LDW maintenance. Without the proper caloric intake you run the risk of hurting your metabolism and slowing it down. The reason why a very low calorie diet works during Phase 2 is because the hormone breaks down fat at a faster rate than what the body would normally do on its own. Once the hormone is not available for this effect you need to increase your daily calories to compensate, otherwise your body will go into starvation mode.

Ask questions when you eat at restaurants

If you absolutely have to eat at a restaurant, be sure you ask plenty of questions before you order anything. Most importantly, make sure that your dish does not have any grains, starches, or sugar. If your dish has a type of fat that isn’t allowed during Phase 3, sugar, carbs, high glycemic index fruits and vegetables, or other ingredients that are not recommended, it can throw off your diet completely, especially if you eat out on a regular basis. Always ask plenty of questions, and if you aren’t very familiar with the requirements of Phase 3 you should most likely eat at home as much as possible.

Count your calories

It may have become tiring to count all your calories at every meal during the VLCD, but you have to continue to do this during Phase 3 of the diet or you will lose count and start to eat too many calories too quickly. Remember that you will have a very specific calorie requirement that you need to stick to throughout the maintenance phase. If you exceed this, your body will store the excess calories as fat, especially if they come from carbs. Don’t make the mistake of letting up even for a minute and stay fully aware of how many calories you’re eating with every meal. Studies have shown that people who continue to track their calories after their diets are finished are more likely to maintain their weight.

Although you don’t necessarily have to continue to count calories after Phase 3 is finished, it may be to your benefit, especially if you want to eat grains and starches every now and then. Quantity is very important when you decide to eat those foods, and although getting rid of them entirely is your best bet, you need to be very careful about how much of them you eat if you do decide to eat them once you reach Phase 4. For more information about how to maintain your weight loss results on the HCG diet, speak to one of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical here.

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HCG Phase 3 Foods to Eat and Avoid

hcg diet phase 3 foods to eat and avoid 300x225 HCG Phase 3 Foods to Eat and AvoidPhase 3 of the HCG diet is the most important phase as you will be making the transition back to your “normal” diet and will start gradually adding foods back in. Dr. Simeons mentioned that for Phase 3 starches and sugar were still forbidden while very sweet fruits like dates and bananas should be avoided altogether. Also, vegetables like sweet potatoes, corn and any vegetables or fruits with starches should be avoided as well.

You should continue to avoid eating most dairy except low moisture mozzarella cheese. Once you reach Phase 4 you can start adding more dairy back into your diet as long as you can tolerate it without weight gain. Some people can tolerate dairy foods better than others, while some people can’t consume much dairy without side effects like weight gain, bloating, and malaise.

Food allergies are more common than ever, so you have to be careful about certain foods and ingredients that may trigger allergies such as gluten, fructose, lactose, soy, and corn. Most of these foods are not allowed on the HCG diet even during Phase 3 with the exception of fructose and lactose in mozzarella cheese.

You may have heard about gluten sensitivities and diets that avoid gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, so if you are following the recommendations for the diet you will be avoiding gluten throughout Phase 2 and Phase 3. If you notice that any symptoms you were previously having such as headaches, joint pain, malaise, brain fog, rashes started to go away after you started on the HCG diet, you may very well have had a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

Vegetables to eat during Phase 3

On Phase 3 you still have a wide range of foods to choose from in spite of some of the restrictions that you have. You can basically have any vegetable you want with the exception of plantains, corn and high starch vegetables. Most vegetables do not have a high starch content so that leaves you with several options. Some other vegetables that have high starch content that you may want to avoid include peas, water chestnuts, beets, carrots and butternut squash.

You don’t strictly have to avoid some of these foods but you should be careful to limit their quantities. It’s better to stick to the dozens of low starch vegetables during Phase 3 such as: broccoli, bok choy, peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, snow peas, spaghetti squash, green beans, egg plant and many others.

You can be pretty liberal with the vegetables that you eat during this phase and remember that you don’t need to strictly limit your calories to 500 per day like during phase 2, you just need to calculate your last dose weight maintenance, which is usually a minimum of 800 calories but may be more. Vegetables are one of your best food sources that are low in calories and filling so try to stick mostly to vegetables and protein as you did during Phase 2.

Proteins to eat during Phase 3

Since you can pretty much eat any protein that you want during Phase 3 you don’t have to be as careful with protein choices as you did with vegetables. Very high fat meats should probably be avoided unless it is fatty fish. Foods like chicken, turkey, lean beef, and fish are still your best options during Phase 3. Keep in mind that you have to be extra careful about starchy vegetables and fruits if you do start eating meats that are high in fat, as Dr. Simeons warned about the quick weight gain that can start to occur when high fat foods are mixed with starch and sugar in Phase 3.

Again if you are careful to document the types of meat that you start eating again during Phase 3 along with your fruit and vegetable choices, you can determine if there is a particular mix of foods that is causing you to gain weight.

Fruits to eat during Phase 3

You have to be extremely careful with your fruit choices since there are some fruits that have a high glycemic index, which means that they are more quickly digested and can cause an insulin spike and quick weight gain. If you have any doubts about a particular fruit that you think may have contributed to weight gain, the chances are that it’s probably a good idea to get rid of it.

Foods like kiwi, pineapple, grapes, mango, pomegranate and bananas can have some health benefits but because they are high in sugar they can cause you to gain weight, especially if you aren’t careful to limit your starch content with your vegetable choices and if you eat high fat proteins.

Dried fruits are particularly high in sugar and can be dangerous during Phase 3 because they don’t fill you up like regular fruits do and can be eaten in large amounts without much thought. Dried high sugar fruits like pineapple and mango are pretty much like eating candy so you have to avoid those as well. Stick to the fruits allowed during Phase 2 as well as low glycemic index fruits like berries, plums, peaches, cantaloupe, nectarines, apricots, and pears.

Watch your weight as you add foods back into your diet

You have to be careful to monitor your weight as you add more foods back into your diet, and also make a note of the foods that you start re-including. It may seem time consuming to do so but if you start gaining weight or getting any symptoms you can pinpoint the exact cause.

It’s especially important to note the foods that you reintroduce if you had allergy symptoms that cleared up once you started Phase 2 of the diet. This way you will know exactly what foods might be triggering your allergies and you can steer clear of them in the future. If you start adding a bunch of foods back into your diet all at once you won’t know the exact cause of your allergic symptoms. At Nu Image Medical we have diet consultants who can advise you on your best food choice options after you reach Phase 3 of the diet and come up with a nutritional plan that will work for you based on your medical history and allergies. To speak to a medical professional now about the HCG diet click here.


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Should You Try a Modified HCG Diet?

should you try a modified hcg diet 300x200 Should You Try a Modified HCG Diet?Modified HCG diets, or diets that deviate from the traditional Simeons protocol have become somewhat popular lately. The Simeons protocol has been established for over five decades and has had extensive clinical research backing its safety and effectiveness. Nu Image Medical mostly sticks to the Simeons protocol because of this fact, and because modifications to the diet can result in significant changes to the hormone and its effectiveness.

Most people should stick to the original Simeons protocol in spite of modified diets being released. The 500 calorie per day diet based on Dr. Simeons’ recommendations has proven to be safe for the majority of people. The medical providers at Nu Image Medical screen every person to ensure that the diet is perfectly safe for them. There are only a few conditions that would prevent a person from going on the diet, and the experienced medical providers at Nu Image Medical will immediately spot those people and recommend a weight loss alternative.

The fact that the diet is not for everyone makes it that much more important to choose a provider that offers adequate medical screening and a full consultation. A modified HCG diet may not have a medical consultation at all, and depending on how the diet is modified it can actually become dangerous. We use the Simeons protocol because we know that it works. We have hundreds of successful clients who can attest to our diet’s safety and real ability to result in rapid weight loss. They benefit from being able to consult with medical doctors at the start of the diet to make any adjustments, and if they run into any problems they can contact us for advice.

Any changes to the diet may reduce its effectiveness

Any time you change anything about the HCG diet you run the risk of affecting the hormone. Only a medical professional with experience in administering the diet would know how any changes would affect it. By changing anything about the diet the main risk is that you won’t lose as much weight as you should, but it can even be dangerous in some cases. The Simeons protocol has been established for several years and has proven to result in the fastest amount of weight loss when followed correctly.

Many alterations to the human chorionic gonadotropin diet involve changing the number of calories allowed each day, or adding extra foods that are not allowed on the Simeons protocol. People who do this may still even experience some weight loss, but it won’t be as much as if they followed the standard protocol. Because the diet is so effective at burning fat many people can cheat on it or change it and still experience some weight loss. That doesn’t mean that the diet should be changed though.

There are also some retailers that sell a modified diet and portray themselves as experts without having any medical background or experience with administering a medical diet. This is extremely dangerous and the quality of both their diet and their hormone is usually questionable. Those who try alterations of the hormone diet are taking risks with their health, especially if the quality of the hormone is not guaranteed.

How to know who is trustworthy?

If anyone ever modifies the diet to include additional exercise you should immediately ignore them. Adding any extra exercise what is currently allowed (just a small amount of walking each day) can make it dangerous. The standard diet does not allow for any exercise and it simply isn’t needed. Also, it’s advisable to only purchase the diet from a provider with a medical staff that includes physicians, or from an actual physician. At Nu Image Medical we give you the benefit of being able to participate in a hormone diet that is overseen by medical doctors at a much lower price than what you would pay from a local physician.

Modifications to the HCG diet may be appropriate with the approval of a medical provider

It’s not that the same protocol will work perfectly for everyone. In some cases it is actually appropriate to alter the diet because of a particular circumstance or medical condition. At Nu Image Medical we will advise you on whether or not a particular modification is appropriate. For instance, a higher protein intake may be recommended people with very physically taxing jobs.
But, if the diet is ever changed at all, it should always be under the supervision and approval of a licensed medical professional. The problem with the many of the HCG protocols that you can find online is that they are written by people who have no medical background or qualifications, so there’s a good chance that their diet may not work at all. It may even be dangerous to try their diet, particularly if they alter the foods, calorie limits and hormone levels.

The foods in the Simeons protocol have been deliberately selected to give dieters enough basic nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to safely complete the 23 or 43 day very low calorie diet. When the foods are adjusted, you may not be getting the proper nutrition which is obviously dangerous. Also, the hormone is responsible for providing you with the most of the energy that you need on the diet.

If the effectiveness of HCG is compromised in any way, it may not be able to provide you with enough calories from fat metabolism. The potential problems from changing the diet without knowing what you’re doing or how it will affect you are many, so it’s always better to try a proven diet like the Simeons diet under the supervision of medical professionals.

The exception to this would be if you were to try a diet administered by a local medical provider. In this case the diet may be modified based on their recommendations, and you will find some differences from one doctor to another, as some doctors add their own recommendations in with the traditional protocol. Most of them still stick to Dr. Simeons’ recommendations for the most part and may change a few other things such as the hormone dosages and calorie limits.

When you are using a hormone product like HCG you should stick to trustworthy sources so that you know the hormone is pure and will work properly. Although the Simeons diet may seem a bit strict, it has enough calories to suffice in combination with the extra fat that you will burn with HCG, and it is purposely limited to 23 to 43 days so that it isn’t a major burden on you. The diet results in weight loss of 1/5 of a pound to 1 pound per day, and it is without a doubt one of the fastest and safest ways to lose fat, if not the fastest. To speak with a medical professional about the HCG diet or to get started with the diet now, click here.


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Warning – Don’t Buy HCG from Mexico  

warning dont buy hcg from mexico 300x250 Warning   Don’t Buy HCG from Mexico   If you have been looking for places to buy HCG online you might find several retailers that are now selling the hormone from Mexico. Counterfeit versions of medications like HCG, Lipitor, Zocor and many other drugs and hormones are being falsely advertised as being safe and more affordable alternatives to American medications.

You’ll find that their hormone products will be priced low in comparison to other retailers, but with the potential risks of using a hormone product from a foreign country the lower price is not worth it. Without FDA regulation there is no way to know how their medications have been produced.

If you live in the United States, you are only safe if you use medications produced in real and licensed pharmacies that are located in the country. These pharmacies must abide by FDA and State Board of Pharmacy regulations which are very strict and ensure that the medications are produced with the utmost accuracy and purity.

Up to 25% of Prescription Drugs in Mexico Are Counterfeit

Law enforcement in the United States has estimated that up to 25% of every prescription drug produced in Mexico is actually counterfeit. Many of the medications developed in Mexico are marketed as legitimate versions of their American counterparts and can be difficult to distinguish.

Also, law enforcement has found that Mexican companies will import counterfeit medications from India and China at facilities that have no regulation whatsoever, and smuggle them into the U.S. Websites have become the “front” of these companies that are selling fake medications.

The DEA and FDA have been working to seize packages of these medications before they reach the United States. In one bust in 2009, the DEA and FDA found 800 packages of prescription drugs that were falsely labeled as Vicodin, Viagra and Claritin from 68 online pharmacies.

FDA analysis of these counterfeit drugs found that they contained everything but the real drug. Many of the counterfeit drugs had no active ingredient or far too much of the active ingredient. Some had toxic materials such as highway paint, drywall and antifreeze.

Counterfeit drug sales in Mexico are a multi-billion dollar ($1.5 to $2 billion) industry and virtually every major medication that is produced safely in the United States has a fake variation in Mexico. With HCG now being one of the counterfeit medications produced in Mexico, you have to be extra cautious and never purchase your HCG or medications from an unlicensed provider.

How to Spot an Illegitimate Online Pharmacy

The first warning sign of an illegitimate online pharmacy is any mention of their products being developed or shipped from a foreign country. Any medication produced in a foreign country should not be sold in the United States, so you’ll know right away that you should avoid it.

Also, if they do not have any information on where they physical location is, if they don’t have any certificates that prove the purity of their products (for compound pharmacies), and if they are shipping you their products from outside the United States, they are very likely not a legitimate pharmacy.

You should always be able to call them and speak with one of their pharmacists or technicians to ask them questions about their medications. They also should only accept orders after they have received a prescription for the medication Legitimate pharmacies will ask for a copy of the prescription, your medical provider’s information, and will ask you questions about your health before letting you purchase a prescription online.

If you receive a counterfeit product do not use it

If you believe you have received a counterfeit medication or hormone product you should never use even one dose of it. There could be a huge range of potential toxic chemicals in your medication, and you have no way to test it to verify its purity. The best thing to do is to report the company to the FDA and dispose of the product as soon as possible.

There have been cases of people getting seriously sick from counterfeit medications produced in Mexico. Patients who live in Mexico have actually died because they were waiting for the real version of a lifesaving medication and received a counterfeit medication that did not have the active ingredient, or the wrong active ingredient. It is estimated that counterfeit medications cause anywhere from 100,000 to 700,000 deaths per year throughout the world.

Counterfeit medication production in the United States is rare. The FDA and DEA are exceptionally vigilant about policing counterfeit pharmacies, and it is estimated that the percentage of counterfeit medications in developed countries is less than 1%. In countries like Mexico the rate is much higher – anywhere from 12 to 15%, and although many of those medications are sold in Mexico, a greater percentage of them are being sold to Americans near the border and through the use of online pharmacies.

You are safe only when you purchase HCG online or any other medication from a pharmacy that is physically located in the U.S. and one that can prove the purity of its products and has a state license to produce medications.

Nu Image Medical uses a licensed American pharmacy for its HCG products

If you purchase HCG from Nu Image Medical you are making a wise decision because the quality and purity of our HCG products are 100% guaranteed, and we have the certification and documentation to prove it. Our pharmacists are licensed to provide HCG by the State Board of Pharmacy in Florida, and we produce all of our medications and hormones in the United States and never import any ingredients or medications from other countries. We are one of the few online HCG providers that abides by every rule and is licensed to legally sell you the hormone, and we only sell it after a medical consultation and once you have received a prescription.

You can speak to our pharmacists and pharmacy staff members directly and ask them questions, and we even ship our products worldwide although most of our customers are in the United States. Our products are safe to use no matter where you are in the world, and they are properly and safely packed for sterile shipment.

To get started with the HCG diet or ask our staff members any questions about the purity and quality of our HCG products, click here.

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