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Advantages of the HCG Diet Compared to Other Diets

benefits of the hcg diet compared to other diets 300x168 Advantages of the HCG Diet Compared to Other DietsThe HCG diet is one of the most effective diets available anywhere, and there are many advantages of the diet compared to other fast paced diets. The HCG diet can be completed in as little as three weeks and although it is fast paced it results in rapid weight loss. The weight loss on the diet often reaches a pace of up to 1 pound per day, and there are very few other diets that can safely match that pace of weight loss. At Nu Image Medical the diet is overseen by medical professionals with a strong background in the diet and who know how to safely administer it, and it is one of the safest and highest quality diet programs available anywhere.

The HCG diet is safe and proven over several decades

One of the main advantages of the HCG diet is that it is safe and has been proven to be safe over the past 5 decades. There are plenty of fad diets out there, but very few of them have proven to be safe over a long period of time. Anytime you try a diet that requires calorie restriction, you want to be sure that it has safely been used in the past, and the HCG diet has definitely proven that thousands of times. The hormone is also perfectly safe to use in the small quantities that it is used for weight loss, and there are no long term effects or dangerous symptoms associated with its use for weight loss.

No exercise is required

No exercise is required on the HCG diet which is a major advantage compared to other diets. Many other diets will require you to exercise while following their diet requirements, which is often an extra burden because it can be difficult enough to follow a diet for a period of time. The HCG diet gets its weight loss results without requiring any exercise at all, and there are few other diets that can match its speed of weight loss (0.25 to 1 lbs per day), without requiring some form of exercise. People who have limited time in their schedules really benefit from the diet because they don’t have to dedicate any time at all to exercising until the diet is completed.

The weight loss is very fast

It seems like there are very few diets that can back up their claims of fast weight loss, but the HCG really can. Its ability to result in a weight loss of 0.25 to 1 pound per day has been documented thousands of times. As long as you follow the diet program properly and avoid cheating, you will definitely experience the fastest weight loss of your life. The most important thing to consider is the quality of the diet program that you are using. The program at Nu Image Medical has proven to be safe many times, and is one of the best programs out there. It’s important to pick a program that has medical professionals who are familiar with the diet, so that your diet protocol can be adjusted if necessary to be as safe as possible for you.

The long term health benefits are incredible

When it comes to improving your health, losing body fat is by far one of the best things that you can do. By losing body fat, you will be reducing your risk of a wide range of different illnesses including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular illnesses. Those who already have pre-diabetes or symptoms of hypertension can usually go on the HCG diet without any problems, and the diet often results in a partial or complete reversal of their symptoms. Pre-diabetics will often find that their blood sugar levels normalize and their insulin response returns back to normal, because many of the health problems that people experience are the result of a poor diet and an appetite for unhealthy foods, two things that the HCG diet corrects.

The hormone causes faster weight loss than other low calorie diets

One main benefit that the hormone offers is that it causes faster weight loss than what you would normally experience without using it. It is not only a necessary part of the diet, it makes the diet much easier to tolerate and manage. You will find that the hormone reduces your appetite tremendously and it makes the first week of the diet a much easier transition. It assists with fat metabolism by speeding it up and helps to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of energy from stored fat. This is the main advantage that other diets cannot provide you with.

Also, keep in mind that you will find several versions of the HCG diet available, now that it has become one of the most popular weight loss diets, but you should only use a diet program that uses the original Simeons protocol. The Simeons protocol is based on the original diet developed by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, and this protocol has proven to be safe since its creation over 50 years ago. Nu Image Medical uses the Simeons protocol with its HCG diet, as the primary focus of our diet program is safety, however other diet programs may use new protocols that have not had any research or evidence backing their safety.

HCG makes the low calorie diet safe

There are other very low calorie diets out there, but they are not necessarily safe because they don’t have any way to offset the calorie restriction. The HCG diet uses the HCG hormone to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of calories every day. Also, the diet is limited to a maximum of six weeks for safety reasons. Other low calorie diets do not have the benefit of a hormone that can help to burn abnormal fat to supply energy requirements. On other low calorie diets you may experience a wide range of symptoms, and even worse the creator of the diet may not have any actual background in medicine or nutrition.

It is a great stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle

Many medical professionals will attest to the safety and effectiveness of the HCG diet, and its widescale approval is something that is rarely seen amongst any diet at all. It is one of the best stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle, because regardless of how poor your diet is prior to starting the HCG diet, you will experience a major transition. The diet can change your appetites and reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods while increasing your cravings for healthy foods, and it helps to reset some of the brain chemistry involved in food cravings as well as your natural metabolism. There are very few other diets that can make such a major shift in your health in such a short period of time, and to learn more about how the HCG diet can benefit you from a medical professional, click here.

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HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods to Avoid and Tips

hcg diet phase 3 foods to avoid and tips 300x300 HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods to Avoid and TipsIf you’ve successfully made it past Phase 2 of the HCG diet with minimal or no cheating, you should definitely be congratulated as this is no simple task. But once you’ve finished with the VLCD the next most difficult part of the diet begins – weight maintenance and adding foods back into your diet during Phase 3. This is arguable the most important Phase of the diet because this is where people slip up. It is all too easy to revert back to old unhealthy eating habits once your reach this critical phase of the diet, but you need to be just as vigilant about what you eat and how much of it you are eating as you were during Phase 2 of the diet.

Start adding foods back slowly

After you have finished Phase 2 of the diet, you’ve likely lost anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds or more, and you know that you are pretty much safe sticking to the foods on the HCG diet food list. If you aren’t sure what foods may cause weight gain during Phase 3, you should basically stick mostly to the Phase 2 food list while increasing your portion sizes and calories per day to your daily maintenance level. Don’t start adding a bunch of foods back into your diet right away – space the foods out because if you start gaining weight again you will the exact food that is causing you trouble.

Document what you eat

Although it isn’t a requirement of the diet by any means, you should try to document what you eat every day, regardless of what you eat. You are required to document your daily weight as a part of the diet, so if you can include your daily meals it will help you keep a much better record of your weight gain. Again, when you know the foods that are leading to weight gain you can easily eliminate them from your diet. Also keep in mind that every person’s metabolism is different, and there are plenty of natural foods that one person may be able to tolerate without weight gain but you may struggle with those same foods.

Stick to the foods that you know don’t cause weight gain

If you can come up with a list of foods that you know won’t lead to weight gain, and you stick to that list, you are much more likely to have long term success with the diet. On the HCG diet you will already have a great starting point, because you will have a list of Phase 2 foods that you can build from. If you can come up with a core list of foods that you know for sure won’t lead to weight gain, you will know exactly what is causing you to gain weight in the future even if you deviate from the list. Even if you have to repeat the HCG diet, try to always have a central list of healthy foods that you know work well with your metabolic type.

Continue to avoid wheat and unhealthy “health foods” during Phase 3 and afterward

Part of the reason why people struggle with weight gain after diets is because they are continuing to eat foods that may be thought of as “healthy” but are actually major culprits for weight gain. Wheat products in particular may contribute to immune problems and other long term health problems. Some of these foods include whole grains, pasta, bread, granola, dried fruit, muffins, juice, etc. If you know a bit about nutrition, these foods cause weight gain because they have a high glycemic index and carbohydrate content, and they are converted to fat if you eat a large enough quantity of them.

Wheat is thought to be one of the biggest culprits for weight gain and insulin resistance, and that includes whole wheat products, so you should pretty much avoid these foods unless you happen to be one of the few who can tolerate them without allergies. Wheat allergies or gluten allergies or sensitivities are also thought to affect a large portion of the population, and the chronic inflammation that these foods can trigger can lead you to even more weight gain due to adrenal fatigue and other immune issues. Dr. Simeons knew long before many other medical professionals that grains and wheat products were potentially dangerous, and not only should they be avoided during the HCG diet, they should pretty much be avoided after the diet is finished.

Avoid unhealthy fats during Phase 3 and afterward

There are plenty of good fats that you should be eating during Phase 3 which will help you stave off hunger. Good fats include the monounsaturated fatty acids found in coconut oil, omega 3 fatty acids found in extra virgin olive oil and fatty fish, and the fats found in avocados and nuts. These are all great sources of healthy fat that can reduce your cardiovascular disease risk, and when they are consumed in moderation they can definitely help you maintain a healthy weight. If you stick to these fats, and use olive oil or coconut oil for cooking, you really can’t go wrong during Phase 3, but if you notice weight gain and are otherwise eating healthy (which is unlikely but possible), you reduce your consumption of natural fats and your overall calorie intake.

The type of fats that can lead to weight gain during Phase 3 include fats from dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream, fats from any processed food and trans fats, margarine, commercial baked foods, deep fried foods, candy, and vegetable shortening. These foods should obviously be avoided during Phase 3 and the fats in these foods can definitely cause rapid weight gain, especially if they are eaten in combination with grain foods, which Dr. Simeons especially warned against. These fats should always be avoided even long after the diet is finished because they can definitely increase your risk of heart disease and they should basically be replaced by as many healthy fats as possible.

One caveat is with dairy fats – some nutritionists and health experts will mention that the fats found in dairy products from grass fed, antiobiotic and hormone free cows are higher in healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. This is important to note, and with dairy it usually comes down to individual tolerance. Many people can tolerate natural dairy foods quite well and won’t gain weight even with full fat dairy products, but in most cases the consumption of full fat dairy should be kept to a minimum because these foods will almost always lead to weight gain when too much of them are eaten, regardless of a person’s tolerance.

The HCG diet is a perfect way for you to get back on the path of a healthy lifestyle, and both Phase 2 and 3 can easily be managed and successfully completed with the right preparation. At Nu Image Medical you will have support for Phase 3 of the HCG diet and beyond, and our medical professionals can help you come up with a food list that is very likely to work with your unique metabolic type. We give you a detailed protocol and help you through the most challenging parts of the diet, and you can always contact a medical provider at Nu Image if you have any concerns or if you start gaining weight unexpectedly. To get more information about the diet or to speak with a medical provider today about getting started, click here.

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Does the HCG Diet Have Any Long Term Side Effects?

does the hcg diet have any long term side effects 300x222 Does the HCG Diet Have Any Long Term Side Effects?The HCG diet does not have any long term negative health effects, and if anything the effects of the HCG diet have only proven to be positive. The diet results in fat loss, which is always a good thing, and the hormone has been proven to be safe throughout the past five decades that the diet has been in popular use. The main reason why there is any controversy about the potential health effects of the HCG diet is due to the fact that the FDA has banned certain (but not all) HCG products. In particular, homeopathic HCG products have been banned by the FDA, which may lead some to believe that every HCG product is banned, but this is not true.

The HCG diet has been used for decades and is safe

There are very few diets that have had as much clinical research and evidence of their safety as the HCG diet. It has been in existence for over 50 years and throughout that period of time, not a single patient has suffered a death or serious health consequence stemming from the diet in the cases where the diet is medically supervised. People who self-administer the diet without getting a medical consultation definitely run the risk of having health problems, because the diet was never intended to be self-administered. There is a medical screening that must take place prior to starting the diet, and the patients who neglect this screening are taking an unnecessary risk.

Homeopathic HCG and other low quality HCG products may have negative health effects

The FDA began banning homeopathic HCG starting in late 2011 because of the many different HCG products that were being sold over the counter and online. The diet received a bad reputation at that time because these products were not produced at any licensed facilities and were potentially dangerous. There has never been any evidence that homeopathic HCG works in the same way as real HCG, and although most of the homeopathic products were thought to be little more than water, a few of them may have had harmful ingredients. Any HCG product that has not been produced in a licensed facility may indeed have both short term and long term negative health effects.

The diet has been used safely for over 50 years

One unique aspect of the HCG diet is that it has been in use for over 50 years without issues. It is one of the most proven diets and throughout this period of time there have not been any known cases of long term health problems. The evidence continues to prove that the diet is highly effective at helping people lose body fat quickly which has several positive effects. The only negative health effects that have been witnessed have resulted from people trying diets that have not been medically approved, or by using products with unknown ingredients. As long as the diet is purchased from a legitimate provider that uses pharmaceutical grade HCG with a medical clearance at the beginning, it is perfectly safe and effective.

The HCG diet reduces your long term risk of chronic illness

One positive effect of the HCG diet is that it reduces your risk of long term chronic illnesses. Again, the diet has only proven to be safe even when used multiple times, and the hormone has not shown to increase a person’s risk of any particular illness. By losing body fat, your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and several other illnesses decreases. The more body fat that you, the lower your risk for these illnesses are, and on the HCG diet it is definitely feasible to lose up to one pound per day of body fat.

HCG has been used for decades in fertility treatments without issue

One thing to remember is that the HCG hormone has been used for decades for both male and female fertility treatments. The hormone is not known to be dangerous, and with these fertility treatments the dosage is usually much higher than the dosage you will be using on the HCG diet. On the diet you are using a very small dose of 125 to 200 IU per day, and at this dose there is absolutely no evidence that suggests it is dangerous or that there are potential long term health problems. When you try the HCG diet, you are participating in a diet that has decades of evidence proving its safety and effectiveness at losing weight, and you are using a hormone that is known to be perfectly safe, and you are only using it in very small amounts.

There may be a few short term non-dangerous side effects

There are occasionally a few short term non-dangerous side effects when people attempt the diet. This results from the sometimes challenging transition that occurs during the first week of the diet. A person must often transition from a diet that is high in unhealthy food consumption to an all-natural diet very low calorie diet, and this can cause some short term symptoms. The body also switches to a fat burning state called ketosis which can result in cold like symptoms for a few days. At Nu Image Medical you are under medical supervision throughout the diet and particularly during the first 7 days, and it is guaranteed to be safe in spite of a few short term side effects such as headache and fatigue.

The diet helps people lose weight in the long term

The best part of the diet is that it is designed to create long term stable weight loss. Phase 2 of the diet is the very low calorie diet phase that results in the rapid weight loss, while Phase 3 of the diet is the stabilization phase. An entire phase of the diet is dedicated to maintaining the weight loss results of Phase 2, and there is a gradual transition back into a normal diet. The diet is easy to complete and results in long term health benefits. As long as it is administered by a licensed provider it is entirely safe, because every patient receives a medical consultation and clearance at the start.

Your medical consultation will address any health concerns

If you have any chronic illnesses or conditions that may make the HCG diet dangerous, they will be addressed during your medical consultation at Nu Image Medical. The diet is definitely not for every patient, some may benefit from other weight loss methods. If the diet is not advisable we will let you know at the start of the diet, and we will also recommend other potential alternatives to the HCG diet (of which there are many). Very few companies have an actual medical staff available to answer questions and approve the diet, and this makes the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical one of the safest and most professional diet programs available anywhere. Get more information about the safe and medically supervised HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical here.


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Does the HCG Diet Cause Hair Loss?

does the hcg diet cause hair loss 300x200 Does the HCG Diet Cause Hair Loss?Some people believe that the HCG diet can cause hair loss, but any hair loss on the diet is temporary unless there is another underlying medical condition that may be causing hair loss. The HCG diet contains a sufficient level of nutrients and vitamins to sustain you during the very low calorie diet phase if you are concerned about that, and the foods are carefully selected so that you do not experience nutritional deficiencies. The diet does not cause hair loss in the vast majority of cases, and in some cases it may cause a small amount of temporary hair loss that will fix itself once the hormone is stopped. There can be a variety of reasons for the temporary hair loss which will be discussed below.

Temporary hair loss can occur due to stress

Stress can definitely lead to temporary hair loss, and once the cause of the stress is resolved normal hair growth resumes. The diet can be stressful for some people because it can be a dramatic switch from nutritional sources, and the stress is often not just psychological but physical. The stresses that the diet can lead to are nothing to worry about because the changes that the HCG diet initiates are always positive, and the potential benefits of the diet far outweigh any stress that it may cause. It just isn’t possible to lose a large amount of weight without drastic changes to your diet, and that is what the HCG diet offers you through a safe protocol that has been used for decades without problems.

Take a multi-vitamin during the diet

You can take a multi-vitamin during the very low calorie phase of the diet to ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of nutrients in your diet, even though this may not be necessary. Nu Image Medical sells a high quality multi-vitamin that has every basic vitamin and mineral that you need in the supplement bundle. They can be beneficial for maintaining your energy levels as well, and your physician may recommend this supplement if you are concerned about hair loss at all. Again, the hair loss on the diet is temporary if it does occur, and although there are no clear statistics as to how many people on the diet experience hair loss, it is thought to be a low percentage.

Control your stress levels on the diet

As previously mentioned, most of the hair loss on the HCG diet is likely due to physical and psychological stress that can occur when you rapidly change your body’s nutritional sources. It is easy for both the body and brain to become addicted to unhealthy foods, and it most definitely can go through a sort of “withdrawal” when you make the rapid transition to a low calorie diet composed of natural foods. This withdrawal can have symptoms similar to a cold or flu, and although temporary hair loss is certainly not common, it may occur as a result of this added stress.

To ensure that your stress levels are controlled on the diet, try using a relaxation supplement such as the Stress Stop Adrenal Tea Complex Formula offered by Nu Image Medical. This is a natural tea that helps the body deal with the adrenal fatigue that occurs as a result of stress. Adrenal fatigue can lead to a wide range of symptoms including temporary hair loss, resistance to weight loss, high blood sugar and blood pressure, and many other effects. It is highly beneficial to control your stress levels when you are on the diet and after the diet has been completed, and you are far less likely to experience temporary hair loss or any of the other side effects associated with adrenal fatigue when you use a supplement such as Stress Stop along with any other stress management techniques such as yoga.

Don’t start another round of the HCG diet without a resting period of six to eight weeks

If you start another round of the diet too soon, you may be risking side effects, and hair loss can definitely be one of those side effects due to the unnecessary stress that you are putting your body under. You need to have a resting period between diet cycles to ensure that you do not experience hormone insensitivity or other side effects that can result from an extended very low calorie diet. If you have recently completed Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you should wait a period of a minimum of six weeks before starting Phase 1 again. Phase 3 of the diet, or the maintenance phase, lasts for three weeks, and you should wait another three weeks before starting another round of the diet. Your medical provider at Nu Image Medical will always let you know what the recommended start time is for another round of the diet.

Keep in mind that some hair loss is natural

You should also be aware that if you experience some hair loss on the diet, it may simply be your body’s natural hair cycle. There are three stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. During the telogen phase, the hair follicles shed the hair, and anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the hair follicles are in this phase at any given time. Also, during some periods of the year there are a larger percentage of hair follicles in the telogen phase, and as a result you may experience what seems like a faster amount of hair loss. If you are experience hair loss on the HCG diet, it simply may be the result of being in a period of natural seasonal hair loss, and your normal hair growth will resume when it is supposed to.

Think about the benefits compared to the temporary hair loss

The benefits of the HCG diet are tremendous; you will lose a large amount of weight and reduce your predisposition to several chronic illnesses that are associated with obesity. Your appearance will also dramatically improve and your metabolism will be corrected. There have been no known cases where patients have experienced permanent hair loss as the result of the diet, so you should not let stories of hair loss deter you from starting the diet and making a major life change that will benefit you for years to come.

If you are concerned at all about hair loss, the medical doctors at Nu Image Medical can consult with you and recommend the appropriate supplements that will help to ensure that you have minimal to no hair loss while on the diet. Again, in the vast majority of cases the hair loss is temporary unless there is another underlying condition that may be contributing to the hair loss such as male pattern baldness or another condition. If you have any questions about hair loss and the HCG diet, you can speak to a medical professional at Nu Image Medical at any time for more information or for a medical consultation.



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How to Be Successful on the HCG Diet

how to be successful on the hcg diet 300x217 How to Be Successful on the HCG DietThe HCG diet can help you accomplish your weight loss goals much faster than most other diets, and is one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight in a matter of just a few weeks. Being successful on the diet requires commitment, and the more you learn about the diet prior to starting Phase 1, the easier the diet will be and the more weight that you will lose. The diet is so effective that you will almost always lose weight, but if you stick to the protocol and follow the requirements of the diet while avoiding cheating, you will have great results and can lose up to one pound of excess body fat per day. Below are some tips for getting the most out of your diet.

Ask your medical provider questions

At Nu Image Medical, our HCG diet is expertly designed and based on the original diet protocol that is known to be effective based on several decades of research. We offer you an initial medical consultation as well as the ability to follow up for seven days after you start the diet. The first seven days of the diet are the most challenging, and as long as you can get through that period of time and become familiar with the requirements of the diet, you are much more likely to be successful throughout the remainder. At the start of the diet and throughout the first seven days, you are free to ask your medical provider as many questions as you would like if you have concerns that need to be addressed or areas of the diet that you are unfamiliar with.

Read the protocol completely

Before you start the diet you should take the time to read the HCG diet protocol completely. If you choose the diet program at Nu Image Medical, we provide you with a concise and easy to read protocol that takes less than a day to get through. Reading the protocol ahead of time will help you know what to expect with the diet, and you should also become familiar with each phase of the diet. Phase 2 (the very low calorie diet), and Phase 3 of the diet are the two most important parts of the diet to get familiar with, and once you learn about those two phases the rest of the diet will be much easier.

Learn recipes before starting the diet

It also helps to learn several different HCG diet recipes prior to starting Phase 1 of the diet because you will be preparing most of the meals on the diet yourself. The protocol has fairly strict food requirements, and to be successful on the diet and lose the most weight possible you need to stick to those requirements. If you spend the time to learn a few recipes that are appealing to you, there is a much lower chance that you will cheat on the diet or resort to eating at a restaurant for a meal.

Fix your sleeping schedule prior to starting the diet

If you are having difficulty sleeping, you should try your best to get on a regular sleep schedule before you start the diet. Studies show that people who have a regular sleep schedule are less likely to overeat, and this can be very helpful when you are on a limited calorie diet like the HCG diet. Having a regular sleep schedule will help you get through the somewhat challenging second phase of the diet, because you will have a limited number of meals that you can eat throughout the day during this phase. There are several other tricks and techniques you can use you help yourself through the diet if you can’t fix your sleep cycle before you start.

Experiment with different HCG diet foods

Prior to starting the diet, it is helpful to try out some of the different HCG diet foods to come up with a list of favorite food options. You have a fairly wide selection of different foods that you can use for the diet, particularly the vegetable and protein choices, both of which make up the bulk of the calories that you eat on the diet. It also helps to spend some time learning how to prepare the different types of protein that are allowed on the diet if you don’t already know how. Come up with a favorite list of HCG diet foods and make sure that you have enough for at least the first week of the diet before you start, and plan on shopping at least once per week while you are on the diet.

Avoid cheating at all costs

Cheating on the HCG diet is your worst enemy that will slow down your weight loss and prevent you from getting the results that you want. You can definitely recover from a cheat meal but ideally you don’t want to be in that situation because it likely means that your weight loss will slow down or plateau. To avoid any slowdowns, stick to the protocol and if you are struggling with hunger, talk to your medical provider about options to increase your daily protein intake or other ways to stave off hunger. There are many ways that you can stay full on the diet and get through the sometimes challenging three to six week VLCD, but you should try your absolute best to avoid using cheating as a crutch. The diet is definitely manageable and the hormone makes it easy because it reduces your appetite while increasing your fat metabolism.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

You may do your best to prepare for the diet, but in spite of your best efforts it is easy to slip up, especially if it is your first attempt  at the diet. The HCG diet isn’t a diet that every gets perfectly right the first time around, and that is why you can always repeat it if you didn’t get the results you expected the first time around. You can achieve your weight goal and stay there with the help of the diet, but the protocol has to be followed as close to perfectly as you can, and the more times that you try the diet the more likely you are going to have the weight loss results that you expect. Every person will have different results with the diet regardless of how closely they stick to it, so always keep that in mind as well, but if you follow the protocol perfectly you can expect to lose at least 0.25 pounds per day if not much more.

Don’t worry if things didn’t go right on the first round of the diet, if you completed one round you will be much better prepared the next time around and you will know what to expect. You will also already have your favorite HCG diet recipes in mind, and you’ll be much more familiar with the protocol and its requirements. For more information on how the HCG diet can benefit you and help you accomplish your weight loss goals, click here.

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How Quickly Does the HCG Diet Work?

how quickly does the hcg diet work How Quickly Does the HCG Diet Work?If you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose body fat, especially the stubborn body fat that most people struggle with losing (such as on the stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks), the HCG diet is one of the best options currently available. The diet is designed to work as fast as possible to help dieters lose weight, and most people on the diet lose anywhere from around 1/5 of a pound to 1 pound per day. The weight loss occurs quickly at the beginning of the diet and the speed of the weight loss can maintain itself throughout the diet, but occasionally it slows down and “plateaus”, and the diet comes with several ways to break these plateaus.

Up to 1 pound per day can be lost

The HCG diet can result in up to one pound per day of weight loss, and it is a much faster way to lose weight compared to several other diets. The hormone used in the diet, human chorionic gonadotropin, is safe to use as a weight loss aid and it is prescribed by medical doctors during the diet. The best part of the diet is that it specifically targets abnormal fat, while other diets are not as effective at doing this. The hormone metabolizes the abnormal fat that is the most difficult to lose and the fat that is unsightly, while maintaining normal levels of reserve fat and structural fat that everyone needs.

The speed will differ from one person to another

It is important to note that the speed of weight loss of the HCG diet will differ dramatically from one person to another. First, not everyone will follow the protocol perfectly, which is understandable because it can be difficult to learn all of the requirements and stick to them throughout the 23 or 43 day Phase 2 of the diet (the very low calorie phase). This phase has very strict requirements for diet and lifestyle, and if you don’t spend the time to learn these requirements before starting the diet you may find yourself slipping up a bit. This is not the end of the world because the diet will still result in a large amount of weight loss even if you mess up on a few days.

The diet makes weight loss easy and manageable

The best part of the HCG diet is that the weight loss is easier compared to other diets because of the hormone injections that are given on a daily basis throughout the second phase of the diet. The hormone suppresses the appetite while helping the body break down abnormal fat, and both of these effects are what make the diet easier compared to other diets. Most other diets do not utilize a supplement that is as effective as HCG; for instance some diets use caffeine as an appetite suppressant which isn’t nearly as effective as human chorionic gonadotropin, and caffeine is often unsafe for many people, especially at the levels that some diets require.

You can expect weight loss of about 5 to 23 pounds or more

If you use the 23 day diet you can expect weight loss of anywhere from around 5 pounds to 25 pounds maximum, and the longer diet should be used if you have weight loss goals of anywhere from around 9 pounds to 45 pounds maximum. Many people lose at least 15 pounds on the 23 day diet, which is still a huge amount of weight loss in just a three week period of time. The second phase of the diet is when most of the weight loss occurs, and during the third phase of the diet the weight loss is “stabilized” by carefully selecting foods and reintegrating them gradually while monitoring weight gain.

The third phase of the diet is critical

Although most of the weight loss occurs during the second phase of the diet, the third phase of the diet is almost as important as the second phase if not more important, because it is during this phase that most people tend to slip up or maintain their results. Weight gain can occur rapidly when the dieter transitions from the very low calorie diet back to their normal diet because bad habits can make their way back very quickly if the dieter is not vigilant. One of the most important features for any HCG diet program to have is a carefully designed Phase 3 that focuses on weight management with techniques to stop weight gain if it occurs.

The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is effective and created by HCG diet experts

The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is safe and effective and it is created and administered by medical professionals who are highly experienced with the diet and who understand how to safely administer it. The diet at Nu Image Medical is one of the few 100% online diets that has licensed medical professionals available to answer questions for dieters. The diet protocol was also designed by medical doctors, and it is very closely based on the original Dr. Simeons diet with just a few minor modifications. The Simeons diet is the only version of the diet that has been tested extensively and is known to be safe and result in the fastest amount of fat loss in the shortest period of time.

Your results depend on how closely to stick to the protocol

The results that you see on the diet depend on how closely you stick to the HCG diet protocol. Most people experience rapid weight loss as long as they resist cheating or changing anything about the diet protocol which is certainly doable because the hunger suppressing effect of the hormone makes the diet manageable. The first week of the diet is usually the most difficult, and after the first week has passed the rest of the diet is easier as the body makes the transition to a ketogenic state. If you stick to the diet protocol you can expect great results even with just one round of the diet, and the best part is that the diet can be easily repeated.

The results you get from the HCG diet will last

As long as you follow the protocol guidelines and complete Phase 3 of the diet properly by staying away from starches, sugars and grains, you will maintain your weight loss results. The HCG diet is a great way for you to get back to a healthy lifestyle, and it won’t take you several months of work like other diets. It doesn’t require any exercise and it is one of the few diets that have been proven to result in real fat loss of up to one pound per day without dangerous side effects or other symptoms. To get more information on how the diet can help you lose weight quickly and safely, speak to one of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical today.



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Bought Truvia In The Last 7 Years? Get $45

no to truvia 300x300 Bought Truvia In The Last 7 Years? Get $45Uh oh. Cargill Inc has been lying to all of us about their product Truvia. They have been stating that Truvia sweeteners are “natural,”  and it turns out they are not. Because of this, there was a class action  lawsuit against them, and if you have purchased Truvia from July 2008-July 2014, you are eligible for a cash rebate of up to $45. The other option is vouchers valued up to $90.  We here at Nu Image Medical have told our customers do not use Truvia on the HCG Diet as it is not 100% pure Stevia.

Class Action lawsuits usually depend on how many Class Members submit their form within the time limit, but below is a breakdown of what you could be eligible for.

Truvia Settlement Award Table 700x340 Bought Truvia In The Last 7 Years? Get $45


There is NO proof of purchase required (but you should not lie!), just make sure you submit your claim before December 5th 2014.

Read more on the lawsuit here.

Fill out your claim form here.

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The HCG Diet for Vegetarians

the hcg diet for vegetarians 200x300 The HCG Diet for VegetariansVegetarians normally get protein in their diet from dairy products, legumes, soy, and other non-animal products, but a standard HCG diet includes several different types of protein from animal sources. Fortunately, vegetarians can still participate in the HCG diet with a few modifications. There are many sources of dairy protein including non-fat Greek yogurt as well as protein meal replacements that are offered by Nu Image Medical. The meal replacements are excellent options for vegetarians because they are made from whey and they are just 110 calories each with 26 grams of protein per meal and only 1 gram of carbs. This may be recommended for vegetarians because of their convenience, but there are other possible sources of protein from dairy such as non-fat milk that may be used as a replacement for protein.

The other requirements of the diet are the same for vegetarians

The other requirements of the HCG diet are the same for vegetarians including two servings of fruit per day and two servings of vegetables. Vegetarians only need to stick to non-fat protein options during the first part of the diet (the very low calorie diet). During the first few “gorging” days of the diet, vegetarians can eat pretty much anything they want, and high fat protein sources from full fat dairy products can be eaten in preparation for the diet. Thankfully the very low calorie diet only lasts for three to six weeks and afterward during Phase 3 vegetarians have more options available.

Grains have to be avoided

The challenge that vegetarians will face is that they must avoid grains while on the HCG diet, and grains are often a major source of protein for vegetarians. But there are several substitutes like non-fat dairy products as previously mentioned or whey protein meal replacements. Grains can be resumed after the diet is over, but during Phase 3 full fat dairy can be eaten and grains still have to be largely avoided. They may be an exception to allow certain grains or a limited amount of them during Phase 3, and a vegetarian should discuss this with their medical provider. At Nu Image Medical we can help you come up with a customized HCG diet plan if you are vegetarian that will cover everything from Phase 1 to Phase 4 and you can always ask your medical provider any questions about dietary requirements and protein substitutes.

Results may be different for vegetarians

One potential thing to consider about the HCG diet for vegetarians is that the fat loss results may be different. Vegetarians may experience slower weight loss than non-vegetarians if their protein sources from milk are high in carbohydrates. Dr. Simeons, the creator of the HCG diet, noticed that vegetarians had a slower rate of weight loss when they used milk as a protein replacement. This slower rate of weight loss may be avoided with the meal replacement packs from Nu Image Medical which only have 1 gram of carbohydrates, and their low cost make them a great alternative to milk.

If you use milk as a protein substitute be sure that it is organic

If you do decide to use non-fat milk in a vegetarian HCG diet, you should make sure that it is organic. Non-organic milk can have a potentially serious effect on your metabolism due to hormones and other possible contaminants like antibiotics. Actually, you never want to drink non-organic milk because it thought to be linked to potentially serious chronic health problems, so be very careful with your choice of milk. The safest bet is to use the meal replacements, but you can always ask Nu Image Medical for advice or recommendations on milk products or dairy products.

Be careful with whey protein products

Whey protein can be an excellent protein replacement for vegetarians on the HCG diet, but there are many different products available and many of them have unnatural ingredients, additives and preservatives. When you are on the HCG diet you have to be extremely careful with using any supplements at all, and during your medical consultation you will be advised as to which supplements you can continue using and the supplements that you should stop using, because any supplement can have an impact on the hormone’s ability to metabolize fat. Don’t pick a whey protein product without discussing it with your medical provider, and always stick to products that are organic and ideally with limited or only natural additives.

Legume protein is an option

Certain legume protein products may be an option as a protein replacement. Certain soy products like miso are low in fat, but not every soy product is low in fat, so you do have to be careful. Pea protein is one protein option in particular that should be low in fat (always check the labels) and may be approved for use on the HCG diet. Pea protein is rich in readily absorbable amino acids and it should also be low in carbohydrates and starch. There are several pea protein isolates that are very low in carbohydrates, but every product is different. Again, Nu Image Medical’s physicians can give you specific advice on the type of protein and the specific product that you may be considering, since there are many different non-animal protein options available created from legumes.

Phase 3 of the diet for vegetarians

During Phase 3 of the diet you will have many more options available. Although normally a person would not eat legumes during Phase 3 of the diet, you can always ask your medical provider for an exception for a small amount. You have the option of eating full fat dairy products during Phase 3 or reduced fat dairy products but you have to be very careful with them and always try to stick to organic sources as you did during Phase 2. Your body is sensitive to weight gain when you are making the transition back to a regular diet and Phase 3 in particular is very important, so the foods that you eat need to be carefully considered. It can be a bit confusing if you aren’t familiar with nutrition and that’s why it is always advisable to have a medical professional available to consult with.

Speak with a medical professional about how to structure the diet

The HCG diet does not have to be difficult at all if you are vegetarian, as you have many options for protein replacements and the most challenging part of the diet is just the first week where you make the transition from your normal diet to the restricted food list of the HCG diet. If you are vegetarian there are only minor modifications that need to be made to replace the protein in the diet and everything else can be left as is, so it is relatively simple to come up with a modified diet that will work for you. Nu Image Medical is here to help you through that stage and to customize the HCG diet to fit your preferred food choices and dietary requirements as needed. For more information on how to get started with the HCG diet or to speak with an HCG diet expert today, click here.

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About HCG Diet Variations

about hcg diet variations 300x199 About HCG Diet VariationsThere are several different HCG diet variations that currently exist, and most of them are substantially different from the original diet protocol that was developed by Dr. Albert Simeons in the 1950s. The original protocol is currently used by Nu Image Medical, and it has proven to be the safest version of the diet because it has been widely tested. There is no way to verify the safety of many if not all of the diet variations that currently exist, and as a result it is often unsafe to try these version of the diet. With something as complicated as a hormone diet, there always has to be scientific or clinical evidence backing up any medical or dietary recommendations, but several diets have been released that are not based on scientific evidence.

Several HCG diet versions exist including higher calorie versions

There are some versions of the diet that allow a higher caloric intake: anywhere from 800 calories or more per day. This version of the diet is not used by Nu Image Medical and many other diet providers because it has not been tested, and the higher caloric intake can possibly cause problems with the fat burning effect of the HCG hormone. The higher calorie diets were created because some people believed that the 500 calorie per day diet had too few calories, but this is not true because the hormone is effective at helping the body metabolize abnormal fat. Also, no one has suffered any medical problems or has had any adverse effects from the 500 calorie per day diet.

Any variation of the diet that is shorter than three weeks or longer than six weeks should not be used

The original diet protocol allows for only two different options in terms of the diet timeframe: three weeks and six weeks. There have been some protocols released that have a shorter timeframe, such as 15 days, or a longer timeframe than six weeks, such as 90 days. These diets are not proven to be safe or effective, and they should never be used in place of the original three or six week diet. There is no guarantee that these diets will result in weight loss, and the original three or six week periods were selected based on extensive research.

Three weeks on the diet is the minimum amount of time needed in order to see results, while six weeks is the maximum because of the problem of hormone resistance. If a person stays on the diet longer than six weeks, they run the risk of developing a resistance to the effects of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Once hormone resistance develops, using multiple rounds of the HCG diet may no longer be effective. Also, the diet is known to be safe up to a period of six weeks, but it has not been extensively tested for a longer period than this, and there may be adverse effects to staying on a very low calorie diet for a period of time that is longer than six weeks.

Special dietary concerns can be addressed by a medical professional

The human chorionic gonadotropin diet can be modified if a person has special dietary concerns and cannot stick to the original protocol’s recommendations for any reason. For instance, those who are vegetarian or vegans may not be able to consume meat, but there are protein substitutes such as whey protein and soy protein that may be used with the approval of a medical doctor. There also may be certain foods that a person is allergic to, and if that is the case those foods may be excluded from the diet or substituted with other natural vegetables. These types of dietary concerns are quite common, but no changes to the diet should ever be made without the approval of a medical professional.

A medical professional with experience administering the HCG diet can make recommendations for protein substitutes or other substitutes that will not cause any problems with the hormone or medical issues. This is particularly important with the hormone diet because any small change can have major ramifications, and it can dramatically change the effectiveness of the diet. A medical professional will be able to go over all of the dietary requirements that a person has and ensure that the diet is properly structured for their needs. At Nu Image Medical we always have a full medical consultation at the start of the diet, and any questions or concerns about the requirements of the diet, foods allowed, allergies and other concerns are always addressed at the start of the diet.

Those who have higher activity levels can still use the original diet

People who work in labor intensive jobs can still use the original diet protocol. In the majority of cases no modification needs to be made at all. This is because the original diet plan still compensates for people who have to exercise; the hormone basically burns more calories from abnormal fat to compensate for the increased energy requirement. In some rare cases the dietary requirements may need to be modified. Normally, 3.5 ounces of protein are recommended while on the diet (per meal), and this amount can be increased with the approval of the medical provider overseeing the diet. The increased protein can help with hunger and provides a more stable source of energy throughout the day.

In some cases, the daily calories for the diet may be slightly increased, but this is not common. Usually, the increased protein intake is sufficient for those with labor intensive jobs. People who have extremely physically taxing jobs may benefit from an increased caloric intake, and again this would be altered with the approval of a medical doctor. The first week of the diet can be challenging for anyone regardless of the type of work that they do, and after the first week has passed the diet is much easier from that point onward.

Other versions of the diet make other changes such as allowing the use of lotion or cosmetics with oil, allowing exercise, and changing the types of foods allowed, but all of these changes can cause problems with the hormone or medical issues. Exercise should never be performed on the HCG diet or any very low calorie diet for that matter, so any diet that recommends exercise should be completely ignored. Cosmetics with oil are known to interfere with the diet, and although it is not clear how much they affect the hormone, it is known that at least a small effect occurs, so they are always avoided for the three or six week period.

Any alterations to the types of foods allowed on the diet can definitely cause issues with the effectiveness of the hormone, and these changes can be made in some cases but they should be reviewed by the medical doctor who is overseeing the diet. If you have any questions or concerns about potential changes to your HCG diet, contact a medical professional at Nu Image Medical today for more information.

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How to Deal With Cravings for Unhealthy Foods

how to deal with cravings for unhealthy foods 300x200 How to Deal With Cravings for Unhealthy FoodsMost of us are aware of the fact that junk food and processed foods are not healthy, but cravings can still drive you to eat them, and the worst part is that many of these foods are designed to be addictive. Food scientists actually know what makes the experience of eating pleasurable, and they design junk foods to be appealing to your appetite. They are designed to be addictive so that you keep purchasing them, and they also don’t satisfy your hunger in the way that natural whole foods do, so you end up eating more of these unhealthy foods.

Food scientists design junk foods to have appealing textures such as the crunch in potato chips or a soft cookie. Also, the combination of salt, sugar, and fat is carefully selected in every junk food to be appealing and addictive. These foods are also designed to cause a salivary response, and foods that do this taste better to your brain. Also, junk foods are often designed to be calorie dense while having a small volume and breaking down quickly; meaning that you can eat several portions of them and still not feel full.

Your memories of eating junk food work against you

Even the memory of eating junk food works against you. When you eat junk food, your brain recalls pleasurable memories of eating junk food in the past, and that creates even more of an appetite for them. The smell of popcorn or pizza for instance often immediately triggers an appetite for these foods and a salivary response based on memories of eating these foods in the past. So, there are plenty of factors working against you when it comes to cravings for junk food.

Of course, the worst part of junk foods is the havoc that they wreak on your body including creating insulin resistance which leads to diabetes, increased body fat and visceral fat, metabolic problems, and many other health problems when they are consumed regularly. It is easy to fall into a vicious cycle when you aren’t extremely careful with your junk food consumption. If you find that many of the foods you eat on a regular basis are processed or junk foods, and you aren’t careful to limit or eliminate their consumption, you can easily find your appetite mainly being dictated by these engineered foods instead of natural whole foods, and it can dramatically change your appetite.

The HCG diet can help you with junk food cravings

Fixing your cravings for processed foods isn’t impossible of course, but it can be difficult. The more junk food that you eat, the more difficult it will be to ignore your cravings for them. Knowing that junk foods are purposely designed to be addictive, and knowing how dangerous they are to your health, you should do your best to avoid them and stick to natural foods. But, in spite of your best efforts, you still might occasionally crave a sugary dessert or pizza.

There are several methods that nutritionists suggest for dealing with your unhealthy cravings. In general, the less junk food that you eat on a regular basis, the easier it will be for you to deal with your cravings. If the majority of your diet is healthy, natural food, your brain will adjust and you will start to crave natural foods. The problem for many people is making the transition from a diet that is filled with junk food, to a diet that with a minimal amount of it or none at all.

That is why low calorie natural diets like the HCG diet can be a lifesaver. The HCG diet eliminates any and all junk food for a period of 23 days at minimum, which is more than enough time for your brain to readjust to healthy whole foods. It can work wonders at eliminating cravings for unhealthy foods in the long term. By restricting your diet to strictly whole foods for a period of time, your brain will start to crave them, even though the transition during the first week may be a bit rough. To get more information on how the HCG diet can benefit you and help you with junk food cravings, click here.

Avoid processed food as much as possible

Prepackaged foods are your worst enemy when you’re trying to eliminate your cravings for unhealthy foods. Always try to avoid them as much as you can, ideally altogether, but if you have to eat anything that is prepackaged, make sure that it is made only with natural ingredients, and the fewer ingredients the better. If you avoid processed food and stick to snacking on natural foods such as nuts, fruit, and vegetables, you’ll find that your cravings will start to reduce.

Eat several different foods

When you eat several different healthy foods you will help your brain with cravings for junk food. It is easy to get sick of eating the same food over and over again, and when you are craving something unhealthy it can be your brain telling you to switch your diet up to include more protein or healthy fat. Try a wide range of different organic whole foods including a variety of different organic meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats from nuts, coconut oil, and olive oil. One great way to reduce your appetite for unhealthy foods is to consume more healthy fat, because it is so filling and calorie dense. You may not be getting enough protein and fat in your diet, which will keep you full for longer periods of time and reduce the chance that you’ll eat junk food as a snack or be tempted to eat fast food.

Are you eating because of stress?

Emotional eating is one of the main reasons why people crave junk food, and if you find yourself going through a stressful time you need to be extra cautious of your junk food consumption. Eating simple carbohydrates is proven to have an endorphin releasing effect; it is essentially a drug like effect that can help cope with stress. Unfortunately the negative effects of the carbohydrates from junk food outweigh any beneficial effect that they can have on your mood. If you find that you’re tempted to eat something sweet when you’re stressed, try low sugar dark chocolate or a smoothie made from fresh fruit and stevia.

When you try a diet like the HCG diet, your cravings for sugar and junk food are almost guaranteed to reduce dramatically because eliminating your consumption of those foods for even just a week can reset your brain chemistry to normal. For more information on how the HCG diet can help reset your metabolism and help change your appetite for healthy foods, click here.

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