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So, now that you’ve decided to take charge of your health and start losing weight, it’s time to figure out what supplies you need to reach your weight loss goals…

The HCG diet is a detailed diet, but at Nu Image Medical, we believe it shouldn’t be difficult to Buy HCG along with the supplies you need. Our ordering process is simple and fast. It is now even easier to buy HCG by following the 6 basic steps listed below.

Where to Buy HCG?

Step 1.) Order Enrollment Form

You’re well on your way to purchase HCG. Clicking on the red link “Order Here” or “Buy HCG” will immediately bring you to the selection process of how long you would like to complete the diet for and what method you prefer. We offer the 26-day HCG supply for patients looking to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds total. For patients who desire more weight loss, the 46-day supply is recommended.

Once you’ve selected how long you would like to be on the program, you may now choose a product form. There are three forms, you can Buy HCG injections, drops, and pellets. (The drops and pellets are both sublingual forms. Meaning, they dissolve under the tongue). The injections are always the preferred and recommended method because the absorption is much more accurate. However, all three methods are 100 % pure and do work effectively when combined with the 500 calorie diet protocol. If you travel frequently, the pellets may be the best option for you, as they do not have to be refrigerated like the other HCG medication forms. If you choose HCG injections, you will be prompted to an upgraded solution of MIC/B12. All of our HCG forms come with B12, but adding the MIC solution as a mixing agent to the HCG injections gives your body extra B vitamins as well as lipotropic supplements for fat breakdown and metabolism kick up. The MIC solution is not required to complete the HCG diet but recommended for extra vitamin supplementation while on the program.

After selecting your product, you may choose ground shipping for an estimated 3-5 day delivery or overnight shipping to receive the HCG the next day.

Step 2.) Patient Information Page

Once you have chosen the program length you would like and what form of HCG you’d like to buy, you will then be directed to a basic patient information page. This information is for patient identification and contact and also for product shipping purposes.

Step 3.) Doctor Recommended Supplements

Once you have entered the basic patient information, you will be directed to our doctor recommended supplements page. This page contains products that can be added to accompany the HCG diet plan for added supplementation and benefit. They include an extensive supplement bundle and protein meal-replacement shakes. These products are not required to complete the diet, nor are they necessary to see success on the HCG diet. But, they can be a helpful source of nutritional benefit that is HCG approved.

  • The supplement bundle contains a multivitamin/mineral supplement, 2-week total body colon cleanse, adrenal tea complex formula, and calcium pyruvate (fat burner). These items can be purchased separately upon request. If you choose to take your own detox/cleanse, multivitamin, etc., make sure the products are gentle to your system and contain no sugar additives so that you may continue them while on the HCG diet.
  • The protein shakes are an excellent source of protein and an easy meal option when you are on the go. Remember, fast food is not an option on the HCG diet, and not all protein shakes are compatible. Having a few, HCG approved, protein shakes might be a smart alternative to have on hand. The protein shakes come in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Step 4.) Complete Order Summary

The next step of the ordering process will allow you to review your order before submitting. This is also the part of the process where credit card information is entered. All major credit cards are accepted.

***NOTE You must be medically approved to buy HCG. Your credit card will not be charged until one of our medical staff members contacts you in regards to your approval status.

Step 5.) Medical Evaluation

Once you have completed your order, you will be prompted to an online medical evaluation form. This health history and treatment questionnaire is very simple and can be completed in a just few minutes with a few clicks of your computer mouse. The medical evaluation is a mandatory requirement to buy HCG and start the HCG Diet. Please make sure to be thorough when listing your current medications and health history. This form is reviewed and examined by our physician and medical staff. If you wish to purchase multiple orders for family members or friends, they must complete their own medical evaluation/order separately. Remember, HCG is given as a medical prescription. This medical clearance step is crucial in determining your success on the diet, while also making sure the product is safe for you.

Step 6.) Consultation

Now that you have completed your order, and the medical evaluation has been fully completed and submitted, the next step is a phone consultation. One of our medical staff members will contact you via phone and notify you of your approval status. During this call, we may need to clarify some medical information with you. For this reason, we must speak with you directly. This call also allows us to verify your shipping address, product order and make any changes you deem necessary before your order is placed. Your credit card is not charged until this point. Please also utilize this time to speak with our medical representative about any questions. This is a great time to address any concerns or HCG diet related questions.

The Truth Behind - Nu Image Medical HCG Diet

Getting Started: What to do once you buy HCG

Whether you chose ground or overnight shipping will determine when you receive your HCG. But shortly after the phone consultation and verification, the HCG should be on its way. Once you’ve received your package and all your HCG supplies, it’s time to assemble the equipment and get ready to start the program. Make sure before starting that you have read and understand all the material in regards to the diet. The HCG will not work for you if the protocol is not followed correctly. Beware of internet research and possible misinformation. It is best to follow a set protocol and stick to it. Dr. Simeons’ 500 calorie protocol has been the only proven diet method to promote effective and lasting weight loss with HCG. Our diet protocol at Nu Image Medical mirrors his philosophy and guidelines.

Now that you have studied the diet protocol and you are prepared for the diet, it is important to know how to properly mix and take the medication. Our best recommendation is to take the HCG in the morning each day. Associating taking your HCG with a morning task such as brushing your teeth or weighing yourself may help you remember. If you are female, it is not recommended to take HCG while on your menstrual cycle. Starting the diet immediately after your cycle or at least 10 days before can help you avoid unnecessary breaks from the hormone while it is initially getting into your system. (If your menstrual cycle is irregular, this may be unavoidable).

Depending on what form of HCG you chose determines if your medication prep.

Both the HCG injections and drops require mixing and refrigeration. The sublingual pellets/pills do not require mixing and do not require refrigeration. For detailed mixing instructions visit and click on the product you have purchased (either you Buy HCG injections or you Buy HCG Drops).

Remember, at Nu Image Medical we have medical staff available 24/7 to take your call and questions. Having a person of contact while on the HCG diet is an invaluable resource. The HCG Diet is very different from other diet plans and programs and thus can raise a few questions from time to time. It is always best to address any concerns and questions with our medical staff. We are here to help you, and we want you to succeed and reach the weight loss goals you have set for yourself! If you need further assistance or perhaps help in the ordering process, don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 520-3438.

The right kind of HCG to Buy – What is the Media Saying?

If you’ve been following our hcg diet blog, you are aware of the recent ruling by the FDA, which deems homeopathic hcg ineffective. There have been a number of media outlets, reporting on the effectiveness of the diet, and how obtaining real hcg can effect your overall progress and health while on the program. As you can see towards the end of this video, the personal trainer that went through the hcg diet with great results, specifically states that she got her HCG through a physician.

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